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17. Dezember 2008

ECS+EEPL=EPC European Paintball Championship

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After successful season of 2008, two major European paintball leagues – Centurio Circuit and European Central Series – decided to work together on developing and improvement of paintball sport competition in Europe.

For the season 2009 we are proudly present you the completely new format of the League that will be existing under the name of European Paintball Championship “The GRAND TOUR”! Our new web-site will be launched shortly.

We manage to consolidate two completely different approaches to developing paintball in Europe. At the same time we cover the big part of Europe (including Russia) by offering the international paintball competition in many European cities and still keeping the low cost of participating for teams.

Now we offer you to join the League that consolidates different parts of Europe: East, Center and South! We give you the possibility to joint the paintball tournaments based on other parts of Europe and to make your own GRAND Paintball TOUR!

The GRAND TOUR will consist of 5 main events. The 4 Grand Events with PRO LEAGUE will take place in:
· Warsaw Poland – May 16-17th
· Vienna, Austria – July 18-19th
· Lviv, Ukraine – June 20-21st
· Budapest, Hungary – September 5-6th

The 5th Grand Event will take place in Moscow (Russia) and will be the independent GRAND TOUR CUP in August 8-9th with Open PRO Division.

Above of that in 2009 we plan as well the regional Conference Events related to The Grand Tour events. In 2009 there will be 4 events included in 3 Conferences that will consist the Grand Events as a part of each conference:
· East Conference – Riga (Latvia), GRAND TOUR CUP Moscow, Grand Event Lviv
· Central Conference – Prague (Czech Rep.), Grand Event Warsaw, Grand Event Vienna
· Southern Conference – Athens (Greece), Istanbul (Turkey), Grand Event Budapest

We will use the new standardized EPBF Rules for all the Divisions and Millennium fields standards and layouts.

Now is the most interesting part, about the league format.

We created a new format for PRO League. This new format will be definitely interesting for PRO teams.

– PRO League is closed. Limit – 12 teams.
– Entry fee – 4000 EUR (To pay at once before the season).
– Game format: Xball Lite, 15 min of main time, to 5 wins.
– Teams play 2 round robins during a Season. Season includes 4 events: Warsaw, Lviv, Vienna, Budapest.

So each team plays 5-6 games during the event.

– Roster consists of 12 players for a season. Declared before the beginning of the season and closed before first event.

PRO League has cash prizes for Season winners:
1st place – 10000 EUR
2nd place – 5000 EUR
3rd place – 3000 EUR

As you already know we have one Joker event – the GRAND TOUR CUP in Moscow!

PRO League in Moscow will be open, so any team can come and become the GRAND TOUR CUP Winner.

I can tell you even more: Russian Legion will organize the sparring-games before the event.

Entry fee for PRO League is 1000 EUR.

The winners of GRAND TOUR CUP in PRO will have special prizes in cash:
1st place – 3000 EUR
2nd place – 1500 EUR
3rd place – 750 EUR

Next to the PRO League is the Masters Division.
– Division is open. Limit – 20 teams.
– Entry fee – 750 EUR.
– Game format: Xball Lite, 10 min of main time, to 4 wins.
– Roster consists of 12 players for a season. Not locked.

Prizes for the events winners in vouchers:
1st place – 1500 EUR
2nd place – 750 EUR
3rd place – 450 EUR
4th place – 300 EUR

Next is the Amateurs Division.
– Division is open. Limit – 20 teams.
– Entry fee – 500 EUR.
– Game format: Xball Lite, 8 min of main time, to 3 wins.
– Roster consists of 12 players for a season. Not locked.

Prizes for the events winners in vouchers:
1st place – 800 EUR
2nd place – 500 EUR
3rd place – 300 EUR
4th place – 200 EUR

And the division for the teams which love regular paintball, it is 5-man Division.
– Division is open. No Limits.
– Entry fee – 300 EUR.
– Game format: paintball, 5 min game, 2 flags.
– No limits for roster. Not locked.

Prizes for the events winners in vouchers:
1st place – 500 EUR
2nd place – 300 EUR
3rd place – 200 EUR
4th place – 100 EUR

Now the information for the legionaries:
– Moving to the higher Division is allowed.
– Moving to the lover Division is prohibited.
– Moving inside own Division is allowed.

We will continue the cooperation with Euroref organization. So Eurorefs will keep vigilant watch on the rules requirements and will punish the cheaters on each field.

The Grand Tour league has own ID cards. ID card cost 20 EUR (10 EUR for renewal).

Ranking system.

Ranking of PRO League will consist of 4 results from 4 main events (Warsaw, Lviv, Vienna, Budapest).

Next, we have 2 separate Rankings:

GRAND TOUR Ranking – counts 4 best results out of 5 Grand Events (Warsaw, Lviv, Vienna,
Moscow, Budapest).
Conference Ranking – counts 4 best results: 3 results from the own Conference`s events plus one of the
Grand Event from any other Conference. (It means that team should visit at least one more Grand Event
from other Conference to be in the ranking).

And now shortly about the Conferences.

We created the Conferences to let local teams join the GRAND TOUR League and save their expenses on traveling to different parts of Europe.
The Conferences events are close to each other, so any team has the possibility to take a part in all 3 events in its Conference. Moreover, that team has a reason to visit one more event in any other conferences to get the Conference ranking points.
Conferences events will consist of 3 Divisions: Masters, Amateurs and 5-man. Rules, entry fees, prizes, games format, etc will be the same as for Grand events.

The dates and the exact locations for the Conference events in Latvia, Czech, Turkey and Greece will be
announced later with the complete explanation of the Conference idea.

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