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26. Dezember 2006

PGi #214 The Super Duper World Cup Special Issue

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Die neuste Ausgabe (#214) der Paintball Games International liegt in den Läden:

PGi 214: The Super Duper World Cup Special Issue

“I dabble a little in bear wrestling. The best way to beat a grizzly is to get on its back and use my patented fish hook move.”

Any idea which player enjoys jumping bears? No? Well then, you need to ask Santa Claus for issue 214 of paintball's best-loved monthly, which has bucketloads of non-grizzly action to get ya' teeth into as well. So if you want to read about the Legion's masterful destruction of everyone else at World Cup, Kellys' surge to the Millennium CPL, a ref's view of what's wrong with the game, reviews of four top markers as well as interviews with paintball goddesses Keely Watson and Camille Baker, you better hope you've been a good boy and the latest copy of PGi is sat at the end of your bed on crimbo morn. If you've been bad, then get off ya backside and get down to the shops… NOW! Oh, and Merry Christmas.

Edit: Thanks to the new intern for writing this so we could get to the pub faster. We owe you one Brian.

Kellys Heroes
Kellys' capitano Steve Brown talks to PGi about gaining promotion to the CPL, a boy named Pebbles and brotherly love…

Caught in the Crossfire
Pro ref Andrew Farley speaks up for the whistle happy paintball cops and asks you nasty boys not to swear at him so much. Potty mouths

Drill Time!
Practice made easy with Miami Raiders coach Paul Richards' cut out and keep guide to off-season drills

Two Hand Luke
Hostile Kids' Alex Cadalso admits to playing 'let's pretend' in the hope of turning you into a double-handed killing machine

Surf and Turf
We speak to NPPL bigwigs Bart Walkerdine and Camille 'hubba hubba' Baker about reffing, carpet and their visions for the future

Super Duper World Cup Special
Boston Legion tear it up in Orlando to take home the World Cup. Plus, Masters Division and Incontinence Cup reports and Rocky Knuth interview

Face to Face
Robbo chats to PSP babe Keely Watson about life, love and Lane

Is technology a good thing for paintball or does it just provide more opportunities for the game's rule dodgers?

On Test
Planet Ego7, Spyder VS3, DM7 and the HK Legend

24. Dezember 2006

PSP 2007 Season

Filed under: Allgemein — Florian @ 10:13

Keely Watson hat die Daten der kommenden PSP Saison veröffentlicht:

2007 PSP Schedule

  • LA Open – Home Depot Center – March 1st-4th
  • Mid-Atlantic Open – PBC Sports Park – May 3rd-6th
  • Chicago Open – Volunteer Park (BRAC) – June 20th-24th
  • TBA – August 2nd-5th
  • World Cup – Disney’s Wide World of Sports® Complex – October 21st-26th

22. Dezember 2006

Draxxus Pulse Homepage / Manual

Filed under: Allgemein — Florian @ 14:15

Procaps hat eine Homepage für den Pulse Loader online auf der auch ein Handbuch zur Verfügung steht:

20. Dezember 2006

BPL Winter Ergebnisse 3. Spieltag

Filed under: Allgemein — Florian @ 16:22

Der dritte Spieltag der BPL Winter ist an diesem Wochenende in Montenau abgehalten worden. Die folgenden Ergebnisse wurden ausgespielt:

18. Dezember 2006

Pistolero Industry Pep sein neues Projekt

Filed under: Allgemein — Florian @ 08:14

Pep der seit vielen Jahren im Pro-Zirkus unterwegs ist hat nun in Zusammenarbeit mit Laysick etwas neues auf die Beine gestellt. Pistolereo Industry die sich änlich Hybrid mit krassen Designs von der Masse absetzten wollen. Der Ghetto-Style von Pep und seinen Kollegen kommt da sehr passig und vermittelt ein authentisches Feeling zum Thema. Ein paar Bilder der neuen Produkte haben wir natürlich auch.





Virtue Proto Matrix Rail Augen

Filed under: Allgemein — Florian @ 07:30

Virtue bringen nach Ihrem Board für die Proto Matrix Rail nun auch Augen auf den Markt. Die neuen Augen leuchten in den Farben: blau, grün oder rot.

Produktinformationen von Virtue:

Get Virtue's advanced laser eye technology for your Proto Rail. Customize your Rail with an easy-to-install upgrade that adds enhanced technology and reliability to your gun.
Virtue laser eyes are a complete replacement for the stock Rail eyes. Virtue lasers eyes use enhanced dual spectrum technology operating on both the infrared and visible light spectrums, taking ball detection technology to the next level. Plus, with Virtue laser eyes, you can instantly confirm whether or not your breakbeam eyes are functioning.

Key Features:
-Enhanced eye operation
-Improved reliability
-Dual spectrum technology: Infrared and visible light
-Glowing red laser eyes instantly confirms eye operation
-Compatible with stock board
-Seperate eye ribbon for the Proto Rail available.
-Lifetime warranty


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