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30. August 2005

Procaps Trennung von NPS

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Der Paintballproduzent Procaps trennt sich von National Paintball Supply. Procaps ist bekannt für seine Paintmarken DraXxus und XBall sowie seine VForce Masken. Die Pressemeldung von Procaps sagt folgendes:Procaps L.P., the makers of the popular DraXxuS ™ and XBall ™ paintball brands and VForce Vision Systems ™ paintball masks, hereby announces their decision to terminate their previous distribution agreement with National Paintball Supply of New Jersey.Since late July, shipments of Procaps paintballs and VForce masks to National Paintball Supply were ceased. At this time, Procaps is no longer a supplier to National Paintball. National Paintball Supply is being allowed to sell through some remaining inventory of DraXxuS and XBall paintballs and VForce masks.Meanwhile, alternate sources for DraXxuS and XBall paintballs and VForce masks are now available at new Procaps-authorized wholesale Distributors, including the newly formed, factory-owned “Procaps Direct ™”.Fresh inventory of Procaps-made products are IN STOCK NOW:Procaps Direct 1.866.688.8880American Paintball Supply 1.877.262.2557 Procaps continues to provide the world’s Paintball Game Field Operators, Retailers and special Event Promoters with the highest quality paintballs and mask/goggle systems in the industry”. Procaps is committed to making your customers’ paintball experience the best it can be… For the love of the game!For more information, visit Procaps’ exciting ALL NEW , , www.VForcePaintball.comProcaps, L.P., is a Montreal based International manufacturer and marketer of high quality branded and private label (OEM) paintballs and mask/goggle systems.The names DraXxuS, XBall, and VForce Vision Systems are trademarks of Procaps L.P.

29. August 2005

GCI Presserklärung

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GCI hat eine Presseerklärung veröffentlich wonach die Firma ihren Betrieb einstellt. Weiterhin wurde eine Liste veröffentlich die die Seriennummern der sicheren Flaschen enthällt:This letter is to update all current and past paintball customers of GCI, Inc. The U.S. Department of Transportation has begun an investigation into select paintball pressure vessels manufactured by GCI. One of the allegations is that certain cylinders did not go through proper hydro testing procedures. As a part of the investigation, DOT has suspended GCI’s manufacturing exemptions. Many of the concerns raised by the DOT are inaccurate, and our lawyers are working with DOT to clear up may of the issues. Nevertheless, GCI has decided notto fight the suspension. Effective August 1, 2005, GCI has permanently closed its business. The DOT recently published a broad public safety advisory in the federal DOT registrar intended to protect the public from possible danger. The press release had to be broad because the DOT has not yet completed its investigation and does not yet have copies of all of the testing data from GCI’s independent testing agency. In reality, it is only select tanks that need to be recalled, andour lawyers are presenting the proof that most tanks shipped to our paintball customers were indeed flawless in terms of manufacturing quality and hydro testing certifications.Please update all of your customers to whom you have resold any GCI paintball tank. At last until the DOT amends the safety advisory, all use of GCI tanks must cease immediately. Pleaseprovide us with the names and addresses of all customers to whom you resold GCI tanks. Please also provide us with a copy of the invoices for each sale and any other documentation you have identifying the serial numbers on the tanks you have sold. If you are contacted by any of your customers, please ask them to send you the paintball tank serial number from both the label on the tank and the neck of the bottle (if visible). Finally, please provide us with the serial numbers (from both the label and the neck of the tank) for all GCI tanks you still have in your possession. Please fax us copies at (866) 217-9177 of these records at your earliest convenience. This will assist GCI in tracking down and retrieving every suspect paintball tank. We have attached a list of tanks that do NOT need to be recalled for your reference, but please retain the information requested above regardless if a customer calls you questioning their tank.Once we have provided the DOT with all of the relevant documentation, we hope to have the DOT reissue an update to the press release stating that only the suspect tanks need to be recalled. The above requested information will greatly assist us in resolving this issue immediately. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this will cause you and your customers. Weappreciate your past patronage and hope the best in your business ventures in the future.Global Composites InternationalGOOD CYLINDERS WITH HYDRO DATA IN HANDDEM 101A0401 – A0590A0201 – A0375DEM 102A0489 – A598A0201 – A0372A0401 – A0488DEM 112A0226 – A0308A0606 – A0715A0716 – A0757A0758 – A0969A1002 – A1145DEM 151B10333 – B10391A0002 – A0071A0078 – A0188A0201 – A0400B10449 – B10559B10720 – B10769B10790 – B10845B10849 – B10909DEM 154B10001 – B10191; B10201 – B10347, B10401 – B10574A00001 – A00200; A00201 – A00397; A00401 – B00583A00601 – A00800; A00801 – A01000; A01001 – B01183A01201 – A01400; A01401 – A01600; A01601 – B01800A01801 – A01977; A02001 – A02053; A02055 – B02195A02201 – A02348; A02401 – 02440 B10577 – B11164DEM 157A0001 – A0196B10001 – B10124B10202 – B10241B10402 – B10413RECALL CYLINDERSMODEL SERIAL NUMBERS151B10560 – 10571 12B10574 – 10589 16B10774 – 10789 16B10590 – 10653 64B10654 – 10717 64————————–172 TO BE RECALLED157B10125 – B10127, B10129, B10131 – B10134B10137 – B10140, B10143 – B10147, B10149, B10151,B10153 – B10155, B10160B10162, B10163, B10166, B10168, B10169B10172, B10173, B10175 – B10179B10182 – B10185, B10187, B10191B10193 – B10197, B10242, B10244B10247 – B10249, B10252 – B10256, B10258B10260 – B10264, B10267, B10268B10270 – B10273, B10275 – B10308—————————————————————91 TO BE RECALLED

Predator UAB

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TAG Sportz kündigt sein Predator Universal Angel Board für alle bislang erschienen Angels an. Die Features des UAB decken alle nur erdenkiche Firemodes sowie universellen Einbau aller Angels von V6 bis G7 ab:-Can be modified to fit into any angel other than the led (led board soon)-Breakoff taps for universal fit-Standard trigger switch position for immediate trigger contact-Robust electronic circuit that guarantees consistency-Dual eye connectors for stock wdp ribbon or dm4 style harnesses-Free lifetime code upgrades-Multi coded chip for various angel models-You can use the stock 05 speed on/off switch-You can design how you want the board to perform-Production model will be bright red with yellow lettering-Multicolor display for instant board feedback-Newly designed eye technology to take full advantage of the circuit-On board dip switches to provide the user with regularly used functions-6.0 predator code preinstalled-Industry standard 9 volt operation-Ultra light trigger switch-Legal in all tournament seriesThe Predator code comes complete with 3 PSP/CFOA tournament modes that can be altered to fit your playing style. With over 10,000 firing mode combinations nothing compares to the advanced programming inside of the Predator. You control if it ramps, when it ramps, how fast it ramps and where it ramps. If ramping is not needed then we offer some of the best debounce control available on the market today.You have TOTAL CONTROL with our Predator CodeStandard Firing Modes:• True Semi – Legal in NPPL and all fields and events• Auto Responce – A shot on the pull and release of the trigger• Full Auto – Hold the trigger back and the gun keeps firing• Smooth Ramping – Slowly lowers the debounce• Assisted Ramping – Gently adds shots as ROF increases• Fast Ramping – Immediately adds shots• Hyper Ramping – Ramps as long as trigger is being moved• PSP/CFOA Preset 1 – 3 shots then ramps to MROF• PSP/CFOA Preset 2 – 3 shots then super fast ramping• PSP/CFOA Preset 3 – 3 shots then fires 3 shots per pull regardless of the speed you pull the trigger• NXL (old style) – 3 shots them full auto if you hold the trigger back• Break Out – 1st shot full auto then fast ramping on the second shot• OMFG – 3 shots then it gets crazy[img]../newsimages/produktnews2003/2005-08-29-uab.jpg[/img]

Jawwbraker 5 wird verschickt

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Auf kann man den Hinweis finden „in stock & shipping now“. Damit ist die lange erwartete fünfte Episode nun offiziell erschienen und wird sicher auch bald in kürze in den deutschen Regalen stehen.Die Webseite wurde wieder der neusten Episode angepasst und kommt in schwarz-pink mit dem Konterfei von Marcus Nielson daher:[img]../newsimages/webnews2003/2005-08-29-jaww5.gif[/img]FON hat einen exclusiven Trailer bekommen mit dem man sich die Wartezeit noch etwas verkürzen kann: Jawwbraker 5 Trailer (Ziel speichern unter)

25. August 2005 Redesign

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Der Internet-Auftritt des Bonusballers wurde neu gestaltet. Neben dem neuen Design sind auch einige neue Produkte in den Onlineshop gekommen. So sind nun neben den bekannten Cluedo-Mods auch O-Rings Kits zu haben:

Legend Paintball Trainers Paintballschuh

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Ein neuer Paintballschuh versucht sich auf dem Markt durchzusetzen. Für rund 60,- kann man die „Trainers“ in drei Farben bekommen. Der Schuh zeichnet sich durch den kompellten Verzicht von Schnürsenkeln aus welche durch elastische Bänder im Schuh ersetzt wurden. [img]../newsimages/produktnews2003/2005-08-25-101517~1.jpg[/img]Die englische Produktbeschreibung:Legend Paintball Trainers Red – The Legend paintball trainers have been designed to cater specifically for the super air paintball market. The unique and stylish design has more features than you can shake a stick at! It's these features that lay at the heart of its versatility.The whole thing is built upon a deep profiled, vulcanised rubber sole plate with an aggressive tread pattern, to provide optimum grip on loose and slippery surfaces. The upper is made from resilient, stain resistant synthetic nubuck with inset textile air-vent panels to keep your feet cool and comfortable. The front of the trainer features an anti-scuff rubber toecap, which is especially useful to paintballers, who see this part of the footwear taking the most abuse as they dive and slide for bunkers.A secure and comfortable fit is ensured with an internal elastic strap and velcro flap, getting rid of the need for laces. This internal fitting system also makes getting the trainer on and off incredibly quick and easy, even with gloved hands.The finishing details on the trainer are the proverbial icing on the cake and give the range of paintball footwear a striking and distinctive look. Couple this with a range of colours designed to match your tournament kit and these are truly a ‘must have’ purchase.[img]../newsimages/produktnews2003/2005-08-25-action-sole-small.jpg[/img][img]../newsimages/produktnews2003/2005-08-25-fliptop-xtreme-small.jpg[/img][img]../newsimages/produktnews2003/2005-08-25-xtreme-group.jpg[/img]

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