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28. Februar 2005

Berlin Heat MEIM 2004 DVD – Press Release

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Die Jungs von Berlin Heat haben uns eine Presseerklärung zu ihrer Maxs European Indoor Masters 2004 DVD geschickt:[img]../newsimages/sonstiges2003/2005-02-28-DVD_MEIM_release_390.jpg[/img]Press Release concerningBerlin Heat Maxs European Indoor Masters 2004 DVD – Release 10.03.2005Mit etwas Verspätung veröffentlicht Berlin Heat nun endlich ihre zweite DVDvon den Maxs European Indoor Masters 2004. In den letzten Wochen haben wir noch einmal die komplette DVD überarbeitet und bieten Euch jetzt fast 2 Stunden Paintball mit 31 Spiele und den Highlights des Turniers. Die DVD kann man bei unseren Partnershops Maxs, Paint Xtreme und PaintballExpress erwerben.Ab morgen gibt es zusätzlich eine kleine Gallerie bezüglich unserem Cover Fotoshooting auf Facts:Duration: 110 minutes31 Games filmed with four Cameras incl. Celebrity Division Game Minos Santos vs. April May B Eat it! Movie – 100% Action! Captures the best moves and scenes of the tournament Sneak on Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball Ofiicial Berlin Heat Trailer Players Party CeremonyFull SreenDolby Digital SoundAnimated MenuesGames:Arsenal vs. Joy Division Game 1Arsenal vs. Joy Division Game 2Arsenal vs. Joy Division Game 3Berlin Randale vs. Dorian GolakBreakdown vs. Mercs AASCD Next vs. Fat Ladys CharmsChamäleon Flash vs. CapitalCologne Predators Ygst. vs. All StarsDark Shadows vs. All StarsDark Shadows vs. Instinct MPGFat Ladys Charms vs. ArsenalFat Ladys Charms vs. HetrodoxFat Ladys Charms vs. Mercs CPUGung Ho vs. MafiaHot Chocolate vs. RebirthHotguns vs. Ohio FalconsInstinct MPG vs. SyndicatzJoy Division vs. FreefallKnightz of Paintz vs. SyndicatzLübeck Lions vs. WomblesMuchachos vs. Paintballworld GrazNexus vs. Bullets 2Nexus vs. BugsNexus vs. Ohio FunOld Guns vs. FireballsRanger vs. MohawksRebith vs. Bullets 2Roughnecks vs. Mercs AASSyndicatz vs. Defcon 5Wing Wang Gang vs. All Stars

Millennium Series: EXL keine Xball™ Liga

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In Saison 2005 der Milleniunm Series wird es keine EXL Xball™ Liga geben! Die Pressemitteilung dazu:The Millennium Series have historically been the power behind innovation & change in the world of professional paintball.It is our intention to continue to build a professional paintball circuit in Europe that will be the envy of the world. After 18 years of involvement in tournament paintball we realise our strengths & weaknesses. We now intend to fully capitalize on our strengths and achieve ambitious but realistic goals.One version of the sport which has many positive points for both players and spectators is X-Ball™. Last year the Millennium Series invested heavily in forming the EXL and bringing X-Ball™ to Europe.However, the weaknesses in this format became evident. The costs to both players and promoters were very prohibitive. This was evident in the low attendance in Open X-Ball™ throughout the year and the obvious strains placed on the EXL Teams.To this end we have had to delay further involvement in X-Ball™ for this year and return to our original goal of professionalizing and improving the 7-man format at a more practical speed.We hope that this is not the end of our involvement with X-Ball™ and will continuously consider how and when this type of paintball can be integrated into Europe.Contact:Administration DepartmentKarlijn van [email protected]

WDP G7 – Pre-Release Information

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Der WDP Mastertech Ken Crane hat auf neuste Informationen zu WDP´s Angel G7 veröffentlicht. Die G7 wird in den US Master Tech Centers am 14. März erwartet und soll preislich bei etwa 1500,-$ liegen. In den Master Tech Centers kann man sich ab sofort die G7 für 500,-$ Anzahlung sichern.Ken Cranes Pressetext dazu:Ok heres the word. G7’s are due to the Master Tech Centers on or about the 14th of March. If you want a new G7 first, here is the way we will be handling pre orders. We will accept a 500.00 non refundable deposit to hold a G7. As of today no delays are expected. As always purchasing a new marker from a Master Tech Center insures you that you are on cutting edge of technology as well as being protected by the best service network in the industry. As well, being involved in the development of the product we know what is the best tuning and set up long before anyone else does. No final price has been established as of today but we will print it as soon as it has been determined.Looks like approximate price will be $1500.00Colors are as follows: in polished finish red, blue, graphite and blackIn dust finish black and graphite.www.performanceangel.comwww.fixmyangel.comwww.impactpaintball.comwww.angelservicecenter.comwww.angelparts.comAnd in

25. Februar 2005

Millennium Series: Players Committee

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In der ersten Pressemitteilung die die Millennium Series dieses Jahr veröffentlicht hat, wurde eine Players Organisation angekündigt. In der heutigen Pressemitteilung gibt die Millennium Series nun weitere, detailiertere Informationen bekannt.

Um für das Committee nominiert zu werden, gibt es auf der Website der Millennium Series einen Downloadlink, hinter dem sich ein Word Dokument versteckt. Diese Datei kann man aber auch direkt hier erreichen.

The Millennium Board is always looking at ways to improve the Millennium Series and the format of the game. With this in mind the Millennium Board would like to invite players to join the Millennium Players' Committee, a group of 5 players to give guidance, advice and direction to the Board as the evolution of paintball continues.

The Players' Committee is intended to be a voice for all Millennium Series players, an independent group elected and directly accountable only to the players.

During the season various areas of responsibility will be given over to the Players' Committee and representatives of the Players' Committee will also sit on the Rules Committee, Disciplinary Committee and attend full Millennium Series meetings.

We believe that the Players' Committee can only be chosen by the players themselves and therefore we are now asking for nominations from all teams for players they would like to see represent them on the Players' Committee. As part of the team registration process at the Max Masters we will be asking all team captains to vote for the people on the nominee's list who they think can best represent them and we will announce the elected members of the Players' Committee at the completion of the Max Masters.

PbNation: Baltimore Trauma Teamforum

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Baltimore Trauma hat seit heute ein eigenes PbNation Forum bekommen. Aähnlich wie bei den Foren von Dynasty, Infamous, Avalanche, Stoned Assassins und Miami Effect kann mandort Fragen direkt andie Teammitglieder richten und sich mit anderen Baltimore Trauma Fans austauschen

PbStar: Infamous vs XSV Video

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Ein weiters actionreiches Video vom dem PSP Open Xball in Pomona hat der Paintballstar online gestellt.Videodirektlink: Infamous vs XSV Video

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