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22. Dezember 2009

Greg Hastings Paintball XBOX360/PS3/Wii

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Planet Eclipse Battlepack

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Tanked Preview 2010

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11. Dezember 2009

X3 Paintball Dezember 2009

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MacDev signs Russian Legion

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"Russian Legion took the series champions trophy for the PSP series (USA) in 2009, and are well know for dominating other teams wherever they travel. The Russians have their choice of equipment, and this year have selected the new MacDev Clone marker. Russian Legion, Boston Red Legion and RL Art Chaos will all be using the MacDev Clone exclusively.
Here at MacDev, we are very pleased to be associated with the all conquering Russian Legion team (RL). We are certain that more people will be exposed to MacDev products through the RL team and their fans."

Angel Paintball Sports Umruest Kit

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"The kit will include a spacer rail that fits between the body and the grip frame, 2 x picitiny rail mounts, a tubular stock, and a mounting bracket. The bracket is standard Tippmann A5 mounting so the player will have several other options of stock should they want to go for a different look. The kit will be available towards the end of January 2010 and will retail for somewhere in the region of $175"

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