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31. Oktober 2008

Tippmann TipX

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We at Tippmann are amazed at the number of posts and online discussions regarding the pistol we will be launching soon. Recently, an unauthorized photo was taken and then distributed on the web. We have asked a number of web sites to take down the prototype photo because of the poor image quality. As a T-Mail user, we are showing you for the first time a new shot of the pistol which is closer to how the final production version will look. But, please bear in mind this is still a prototype.
As a quick update to the pistol design, notice that the CO2 cartridge is located just beneath the barrel. It is not part of the magazine. This helps improve air efficiency, reduces the size of the grip and allows us to provide additional magazines at a great value. When completed, our pistol will have its own unique look and set a new standard for the pistol category in performance and reliability.
Unfortunately, the launch has been delayed for a few months, but we want to thank you for your continued patience – we believe the TPX Pistol will be well worth the wait.

JT USA Proflex Revolution

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27. Oktober 2008

PSP World Cup Ergebnisse

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1st- Los Angeles Ironmen
2nd- Philly Americans
3rd & 4th – Boston Red Legion oder Edmonton Impact (derzeit gibt es auf der PSP Webseite keine Auskunft darüber)

D1 X-ball
1st- Vicious
2nd- Vipers
3rd- Damage
4th- Rnt

D2 X-ball
2nd- New Jersey Jesters
3rd- Raiden
4th- Shockwave Canada

D3 X-ball
2nd- Team Unlimited
4th- Velocity Wrecking Crew

D2 5 Man
1) Miami Rage/Str8 Killas
2) Team Braves
3) Rogue
4) Bronx Hate

D3 5 Man
1) Overhead
2) Boom
3) Midwest Arson
4) Storm

D4 5 Man
1) Cash Money Killers
2) Seattle CDR
3) Texas Select
4) Air Assault Factory

24. Oktober 2008

Virtue OLED Boards

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23. Oktober 2008

MacDev Cyborg RX

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21. Oktober 2008

DYE Hopper

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