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28. November 2008

Eurosport Millennium Serie

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Paintball Show will be the first monthly TV program entirely dedicated to the fast-growing sport of paintball. These 26-minute features will focus on all aspects of paintball, from tech tips, to insider player info and coverage of the world’s top paintball league like Europe’s Millennium circuit. You’ll learn ­everything you need to know about the rules, the strategies, the key players, the gear, and of course… the fans, who come by the thousands to cheer on their favorite teams.            

This show will be broadcast on Eurosport 2, Eurosport Asia and Pacific, and is the leader in European sports coverage, accessible in 20 languages and broadcast to 112 million homes—that’s over 240 million viewers in 59 countries. 

The broadcast schedule for the first show—which features the Millennium’s Paris World Cup—is as follows:  
Europe: December 18th, 2008, 20H00December 20th and 23rd, 2008, 21H30 
Asia/Pacific: December 21st, 2008, 02H30 and 15H00 (GMT)            

For each program, there will be one original broadcast, and two reruns. This also includes ­trailers for the show. Their schedule will take place over a week every month to generate interest. They will be ­broadcast on Eurosport 2, Eurosport Asia and Pacific, and (22 million monthly connections).            

For the program’s launch, the Eurosport group has gone all in: the TV show will feature advertisements for the group’s Christmas package as well as trailers for Eurosport’s 2009 season. The TV show will also benefit from a targeted marketing campaign in specialized publications, and airings on Eurosport France.

26. November 2008

EP5 2008 Ergebnisse

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Anbei findet ihr alle Platzierungen.

1   Paintstorm   DE
2   Five Stars   ESP
3   Rats   CZ
4   Dynamix   BE
5   Infinity   CZ
6   Mallorca Madness   ESP
7   Paradise Connection   AT
8   Remedy   DE
9   Excidio Leipzig   DE
10   Braindead 3   DE
11   Cologne Preds 2   DE

12   Raptors   SWI
13   United Inc   AT
14   On Fire   DE
15   Lost Boys Cologne   DE
16   Sublime Landshut   DE
17   Koma   DE
18   Facefuckers Bremen   DE

19   Dutchpaintball   NL
20   Black Flag   DE
21   Roosters   DE

22   Painthall Community   AT
23   Aguafiestas   DE
24   Facial Cumshot   BE
25   Vipers Reloaded   SWI
26   PB Freaks   SWI
27   Shooters   DE
28   Shadows   DE

30   Hannover Showdown   DE
30   Vipers   AT

Tadao Tengu Software

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The new USB capabilities make it possible to add some unique features to the boards, including a PC interface, which I have dubbed Tengu, named after the Japanese demons common in folklore and literature.

As of now, the Tengu interface provides the user with three main features:

1. Secure firmware updates with AES encrypted files.

2. Bootscreen pixel editor which lets you design and save custom bootscreen images to the board, plus also save them to text files which can be sent to friends via email or forums.

3. Settings editor which loads your existing settings off the board, and then allows you to modify them, save to a text file, or load from a text file.

All the device drivers are built into Windows XP and Vista (XP users will only need .NET 2.0 or later installed), and no proprietary cables are needed to link the board to your computer since it uses standard mini-B to A cables, which are commonly used with digital cameras. To use Tengu you only need to download the application file (less than 200 Kb currently) from this website, and run it.

The Yakuza USB boards utilize some different hardware, including a new microcontroller, the PIC18F2550, which has true USB support built into it, and is capable of running up to 48 Mhz. There is nearly zero power drain while off (I can't say it's truly zero, even though it is less than 0.0001 mA). Furthermore, I have included variable oscillator programming, which changes the speed of the microcontroller on the fly depending on if more processing power is needed, or slows it down to conserve power when the user isn't doing anything. Also, due to the nature of the USB update capabilities, there will never be a "feature freeze" before or after the official release, meaning I will continue to develop, enhance, and add more things continually, and most of these changes will propagate across all the Yakuza USB boards if relevant.

20. November 2008

Welt Magazine #7 November 2008

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19. November 2008

NXe Extraktion Series

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14. November 2008

Facefull Online Magazin

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