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27. August 2008

European Biga Game Series Scenario Action

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Dear friends and fans of the small coloured ball hurtling through the air. The time has come again: In less than three weeks the Big Game Corporation opens the second paintball battle of the season.

You may have noticed that we have outnumbered the magical limit of 1.000 players in May (Pentecost): We have exceeded all expectations and with sensationally 1.600 players, the European Big Game has become the biggest game in Europe.

Nobody expected such a rush. And this time we are even better prepared than last time. We will provide a comprehensive supporting programme, catering, action and it promises to be an exciting event.

We will offer again a very attractive supporting programme because the European Big Game is more than only a sequence of games over a couple of days. It is an event. And we are proud of this event. Thanks to all the players – because you made such an event possible.

That’s why you should not miss out this year’s event in September.

We do not want to reveal everything but in order to make you the event tasteful we could shed some light on the dark.

And this leads us back to the topic:

The Big Game Corporation invites you to this year’s "Nightcup". It will start on Saturday after nightfall and will be played in the three man format on the Sup’Air field.

You will find further information concerning registration and prices on our homepage

MacDev Reg Extender

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Erhältlich ist das gute Teil in schwarz und silber und in einer kurzen (21.5mm), beziehungsweise langen Version (28mm).

26. August 2008

Rulebreaker Webseite

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XSV Hyperdrive

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Bob Long M-Tac

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– 3 Feuermodi
– interne Luftkanäle (keine Macrolines mehr nötig)
– im Griff integrierter ASA
– Griff kompatibel mit allen gängigen Griffschalen
– im Magazin integrierter Marq HP Regulator
– einfach zu verstellender LPR
– Cocker Laufgewinde


13. August 2008

Exalt Cleats

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