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28. Oktober 2009

Millennium Serie Pressemitteilung Antalaya

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Dear Teams, Players & Paintball Industry,

Having started the 2009 season in the worst storms during an event in our history it was nice to end in the near perfect conditions we experienced at our closing event in Antalya, Turkey.

We would like to thank all our Teams, Players & Sponsors for their support during 2009 with a particular thanks to all those who attended Turkey and helped make it the success it was. We must also thank the Turkish Shooting & Hunting Federation, without whom Turkey would not have been possible.

The Millennium Series has always looked for new approaches to our sport in order to increase markets and help new ones develop, we have proved our commitment to this many times. We also believe in continued innovation trying to juggle the various needs of the industry as a whole. Their were several critics of our plan to go to Turkey as has been the case in prior examples. We hope now that with such a magnificent season ending event we have silenced these voices and can now firmly put Turkey on the Paintball map.

In the next two weeks you will be receiving a great deal of information regarding the 2010 season plus an opportunity to express your opinions in order for us to develop and improve the Millennium further.

Once again thanks to all 2009 Millennium participants.

Kind Regards
The Board & Staff of The Millennium Series

NXe Hosen 2010

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•Lightweight Shell: We hand-picked the lightest and most durable materials to ensure that the Elevation pant will be the lightest pants available while providing the durability and protection you need to play in any conditions.
•HD-Foam Padded Knees: Hi-Density, flexible foam contours with knee and leg for advanced protection and a comfortable fit.
•4-way Stretch: Responsive stretch system in crotch, inner thigh and entire upper trunk/lumbar area allows for agile movement and adds superior stretch to key areas of pants. Unique 4-way stretch from knees top of pant endures proper give when bending and moving while adding durability and reducing wear and tear.
•Internal LiDi Padding: Light-density foam throughout internals allow for added protection to reduce risk of injury as well as reduced unnecessary paint breakage.
•Removable Hip Pads: Constructed of breathable lightweight foam.
•Slim Profile, Protected Squeegee Pocket: Low profile pocket for swab/squeegee placed in the ideal spot for the quickest possible draw. A thin layer of foam protects the pocket from unnecessary breaks.
•Adjustable Ankle Cuffs: Fully adjustable Velcro cuffs for support and custom versatility.
•Water Resistant Pockets
•Fully Adjustable Waist Belt: customizable fit with adjustable Velcro closure straps, as well as full belt loop option.
•Lightweight, Breathable Mesh Lining: Custom printed lightweight breathable mesh lining through for ultimate comfort and feel.
•Harness Traction Pad: Extra support and seamless integration with harness.
•Venting: Most breathable pants in paintball. Period. Entire back leg lined with durable, yet fully breathable material; perforated neoprene in crotch area for extra padding.

21. Oktober 2009

Splat XD Ausgabe #17

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20. Oktober 2009

NXE Battlepacks Neue Battlepacks getestet

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Verschiedene Farben sind heute aus dem Karton gepurzelt und ein Eye Catcher dazu!
Wahrscheinlich hat es noch niemand gesehen: Das Fraige Pack

NXe Farben Packs

Links das Fraige Pack mit den Strap Gums, ein blaues Gesicht mit NXe, aufgeklappt mit liebe zum Detail steht ein staunendes Gesicht mit Fraige im Mund.

Wir hatten die Farben Blau (Fraige), Grau und das neue DigiCamo hier liegen.
Das innere Padding macht einen sehr bequemen Eindruck, platz für den Rippenbogen und die Wirbelsäule ist vorhanden, das Kunstlederimitat kann das Flocken der Jerseys verhindern.
Die Nähte sitzen kräftig und alles wurde einzeln vernäht. Die Schnalle an der Front ist genauso verarbeitet wie die Straps für die Pötte. Ein Abreissen der Straps ist bei dieser Serie wohl Vergangenheit.

NXe ist ein Hersteller der nicht nur intern dazu lernt, sondern sich stets verbessert. Die Battlepacks sind so wie sind, einzigartig in der Verarbeitung.
sehr gut
Material: sehr gut
Verbesserungen: Strap Gums machen einen sehr stabilen Eindruck, Rückenpadding ergonomisch
Nachteile: Wahrscheinlich so gut, das es bald jeder an hat

Vielen Dank für das zum Testen bereitgestellte Material an Herrn Ulf Müller von NXe Europe

Stefan hat das ganze mal für Euch angezogen (natürlich total unfreiwillig…) dann wollte er es nicht mehr ausziehen jetzt sitzt er quasi im Pappkarton und wird gerade an NXe zurückgeschickt, so kann man sich auch Urlaub erschleichen.

Cerial Killers 2 Monkey with a gun der 2. Teil

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Der zweite Teil der legendären Ceral Killerz Serie.
Interviews und Details von: Ryan Greenspan – Dynasty, Angel Fragoza – Dynasty, Thomas Taylor – XSV, Tyler Humphrey – Trauma, Lucian Blackburn – Trauma, Justin Summers – Trauma, Brain Fow und Travis Lemanski von LA Infamous, Brandon Mayo – Avanlanche, Konstantin Fedorov Philliy Americans und Nicki Cuba vom Team Ironmen.

Sehr guter Film mit Aufnahmen von 2007 bis 2009 aus dem Heimatland des Paintballs – USA.

"The game of paintball is fluid; the format, the gear, and the players are all in a state of dynamic change. Here today, gone the next, with nothing but legend and myth left to resonate their existence. But some players explode on the scene with lives so vibrant, moves so fluid, wins so dramatic, personalities so strong, and stories so complex, that their movements in our world demand we mark their time in the game with something profound. Enter Monkey with a Gun and the Cereal Killerz series, which exists to display the very best players at the height of their game and athletic prowess, using film techniques and angles unique to the paintball world. CK2 raises the bar yet again with the addition of ultra high-speed cameras, initially used to film missile launches, creating an opportunity to see the sport and the best athletes at 500 frames per second. We also listen into the player’s thoughts on their lives, their legacy, their relationship to the sport. With the inclusion of Ryan Greenspan and Angel Fragoza of Team Dynasty, Thomas “Troll” Taylor from XSV, Tyler Humphrey, Lucian Blackburn, and Justin “Duder” Summers of Trauma, Brian “LB” Fow and Travis Lemanski from Infamous, Brandon Mayo from Avalanche, and Konstantin Fedorov from the All Americans, CK2 displays some of the best known and talented players ever to pick up a gun, players who define what we are and what we do."

19. Oktober 2009

USPL Las Vegas

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Las Vegas – Pro:
1. Dynasty
2. Blast
3. Impact
4. Infamous

Gesamtwertung – Pro:
1. Blast 
2. Arsenal

Alle Infos zur Serie findet ihr auf der Webseite!

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