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30. Juni 2010

Bob Long Intimidator G6R

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The Bob Long G6R Intimidator is here to take back its turf.

As of the past 4 or 5 years, Bob long has not been producing any of the Intimidator series paintball guns…. UNTIL TODAY!

The Bob Long G6R Intimidator is one of the most technologically advanced paintball guns to hit the market and has a very anticipated release. Over the last 3 years, the Bob Long G6R Intimidator has been under wraps and in the many different design phases.

Now, it is time for the official unveiling of the Bob Long G6R Intimidator. The G6R has been in production for the past few months and will be released to the public at the end of June 2010. The initial run of Bob Long G6R Intimidators will be available in 5 different colors for you to choose from. The Bob Long G6R will utilize the popular stacked tube design from the original Intimidator series paintball guns. Also, the gun will have no external hoses or macro line. This will ensure less problems with the gun and make the Bob Long G6R Intimidator one of the most reasonably priced and reliable guns in the lineup.

The new G6R Intimidator is slightly longer than the Vice and just as tall as the Victory.

The Bob Long G6R Intimidator will include a comfortable set of wrap around grips. The Eye system has been completely redesigned but is still 4C compatible.

 The biggest update about the new Bob Long G6R paintball gun is the main body. The gun is literally cut in half right down the center of the feedneck so you will have front and back halves of the gun. The Bob Long G6R Intimidator is now available to order.

BILDER FOLGEN wir bleiben am BALL!

28. Juni 2010

EPC Lviv – Gallerie

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Die offizielle Gallerie vom BullitProof Monkey ist seit heute auf der EPC Webseite online Continue reading “EPC Lviv – Gallerie” »

24. Juni 2010

Feature This

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Ein neues Online Turnier Magazin mit dem Namen „Feature This“ unter der Leitung von Matt D. wird in Zukunft regelmäßig erscheinen Continue reading “Feature This” »

PBLive: 2010 PSP (MUD)CUP

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PB2K Live from Chicago WORLDCUP:

After several days of severe thunderstorms pounding the greater Chicago area, the venue for the 2010 PSP Chicago Open has been greatly compromised.

Late this afternoon, the mother of all storms came through and has left the site in a dire state. We will now need to perform much needed construction tomorrow to get the fields up and operating. Our plan before this last storm hit was to start 2 hours late tomorrow (first game at 10:00 am instead of 8:00 am). At this time, 10:00 am is the earliest that the first game will be played, but it could very well be later than that.

MUD instead of Turf

Two much Rain

We are aware that hundreds of flights into Chicago have been cancelled. We will notify teams of their game times throughout the day through text messaging. We will be updating the website as often as possible with game times for friends and family to follow.

This intense rain has obviously created severe flooding and has turned the grass into mud in many areas. We will need your absolute cooperation in assisting us by obeying parking policies (1 car per team allowed in the venue, additional cars park for free next door at Balmoral Park and utilize the free shuttle services we will be providing). Do not try to drive up on grass areas without instruction from staff as you will get stuck and cause further delays with the event.

Teams are not allowed to walk fields thursday, as that would impede our crew’s progress in getting the event up and running. Attempting to walk the fields will further delay the event and anyone on the fields without permission will face disqualification.

We appreciate your understanding that our crew has been working 15-hour days in severe thunderstorms to provide you with the PSP experience you have come to expect. We need your cooperation in making sure we can all have a great event this weekend and thank you for your patience!

22. Juni 2010

Virtue Rotor Upgrade Arm

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Virtue bringt ein neues Paddle für den Rotor Hopper Continue reading “Virtue Rotor Upgrade Arm” »

16. Juni 2010

Facefull-Online 77

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Die neueste Ausgabe der Deutschen Facefull gibt es jetzt online Continue reading “Facefull-Online 77” »

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