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31. Januar 2008

Ramstein Instinct Sponsor Update

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30. Januar 2008

BPL Winter 2007-2008 M5-Amateur North: Fieldlayout 3.2.2008

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Die BPL hat das Fieldlayout für den M5-Amateur North Spieltag am 3.2.2008 veröffentlicht:

Crossfire Smog Air

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Crossfire is pleased to announce the release of the new HK SMOG AIR SYSTEMS. The new air systems will be available in a vast range of sizes (45/68/88). Contact your local dealer OR you can find HK SMOG AIR directly at HOLLYWOODHK.COM!

Crossfire is excited to embrace Hollywood HK as the newest member of the Crossfire family. We have been watching the HK ARMY expand through the years and have been looking forward to collaborating with them. The new HK SMOG AIR SYSTEMS will be limited edition and highly valuable. There will be multiple designs of limited edition HK SMOG AIR SYSTEMS available throughout the year.
Crossfire prides itself on producing the most advanced and highly reliable air systems on the market. With a longstanding reputation for quality and success, we are certain that the new HK SMOG AIR SYSTEMS will uphold our image. Hollywood HK will take part in assisting us with the design of the limited edition air systems. HK SMOG AIR SYSTEMS by Crossfire will step your game up to a whole new level. GO OUT AND PURCHASE YOURS TODAY!

Hollywood HK is thrilled to add Crossfire air systems to the 08-09’ seasons. Crossfire’s highly advanced Paintball product will prove to be a valuable asset to the HK ARMY. The team has been looking forward to this collaboration all year. The Crossfire air system is a key element towards making any team successful. The light-weight, highly efficient tanks will aid us in victory for the 08-09’ seasons. Not only will these tanks allow players to perform to their full potential, but it will make them look good doing so. Remember, style is confidence. What will you step on the field with?

29. Januar 2008

BPL Winter 2007-2008 M5-Amateur North: Timesheet 3.Spieltag

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Die BPL hat den Timesheet zum 3.Spieltag der M5-Amateur North veröffentlicht:

28. Januar 2008

BPL Winter 2007-2008 M7 X-PRO – Ergebnisse 1- Spieltag

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Gestern wurde der erste Spieltag der BPL Winter – M7 X-PRO abgehalten und es kam zu folgenden Ergebnissen:

SupAir Millennium Upgrade Kit

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