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18. Dezember 2006

Virtue Proto Matrix Rail Augen

Filed under: Allgemein — Florian @ 07:30

Virtue bringen nach Ihrem Board für die Proto Matrix Rail nun auch Augen auf den Markt. Die neuen Augen leuchten in den Farben: blau, grün oder rot.

Produktinformationen von Virtue:

Get Virtue's advanced laser eye technology for your Proto Rail. Customize your Rail with an easy-to-install upgrade that adds enhanced technology and reliability to your gun.
Virtue laser eyes are a complete replacement for the stock Rail eyes. Virtue lasers eyes use enhanced dual spectrum technology operating on both the infrared and visible light spectrums, taking ball detection technology to the next level. Plus, with Virtue laser eyes, you can instantly confirm whether or not your breakbeam eyes are functioning.

Key Features:
-Enhanced eye operation
-Improved reliability
-Dual spectrum technology: Infrared and visible light
-Glowing red laser eyes instantly confirms eye operation
-Compatible with stock board
-Seperate eye ribbon for the Proto Rail available.
-Lifetime warranty


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