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23. August 2006

PGi #210 The Two-Faced Punk Issue

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PGi #210: The Two-Faced Punk Issue

"As far as Rich Telford goes, I personally think he's a two-faced punk – and please print that."

In the words of any of the cast of Friends




In order to find out which baller we can expect to see drinking through a straw at some point in the very near future you'll have to buy the magazine…but there's more to issue 210 than just someone's suicide note…

Boston NPPL Special: Full event report on the biggest upset in Paintball history, plus Robbo's expert analysis and an interview with Rage star and new Angel posterboy Ore Guada.

Scum Wars: We reveal the Top 10 cheats and how to defeat them

On Test: Naughty Dog Shocker & Spyder MR2

Pro Trials: Miami Raiders coach Paul Richards on how to make the cut when your local Pro team holds its next try-outs

Freedom of Speech: Dynasty explains why it's good to talk

Born 'n' Bred: Big or small, you can still ball – Micah McG on making your build work for you

The Art of Timing: Jeff Stein reveals the secrets of team management

A Year in the life of…Glen Takemoto

Plus Johnny Perchak, John Dresser, Nitro System Round-up, CFOA X-Ball, View from the Deadbox, Paintoon and More…

PGi: Less a magazine, more Rich Telford's fight promoter…

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