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3. Februar 2012

Millennium Series Riviera-Cup Division 2 voll

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Millennium Series: Europäische Paintball SerieBereits zwei Wochen nach dem Start der Anmeldung zum ersten Event der Serie in St.Tropez/Cannes ist die Division 2 des Riviera-Cups in Frankreich mit 32 Teams ausgebucht. Obwohl zu vermuten ist, dass diese Division erweitert wird, sollte man sich auch für die anderen Events frühzeitig registrieren.

Dass gerade Division 2 voll ist und noch Spots in Division 1 frei sind verwundert etwas, denn seit 2012 ist es für Teams, die alle 4 Events spielen, fast günstiger sich eine Division 1 Lizenz zu holen.

Bereits jetzt ist erfreulicherweise abzusehen, dass die Beteiligung deutscher Teams 2012 weitaus höher ausfallen wird, als im Vorjahr: in Division 3 sind bereits 6 Teams aus Deutschland für den heimischen Paintball-Event, den European Masters in Bitburg, vorgemerkt.

Hier noch die heutige Pressemeldung im Original:

Riviera Cup Update- Division 2 Full!

Despite registration for our first event only being open for 20 days, we can already announce that Division 2 is full at 32 teams. We have an important waiting list in operation for Division 2 and already Division 3 is over half full!

We are quite surprised by this situation as for the 2012 season we increased the entry fee for Division 2 teams. This decision was made because Division 2 not only plays the same format but uses the same facilities and generally gets the same product and services as Division 1. Division 1 teams in past seasons, not only had to pay more in total, but have to pay the combined entry fees for the whole year completely, even before the season starts, whereas Division 2 teams enjoy their flexibility to play and pay per event, instead of having to commit to the whole season months in advance.

We had thought that some Division 2 teams would look to moving up to Division 1 given the price increase and request a license for a Division 1 spot.

We will try to accommodate as many teams as we can to play the Millennium Series this coming year but we feel that it is important to maintain the quality of our events and therefore will have to restrict the number of entries we can take.

We will contact Division 2 and Division 3 teams to see if those which are planning to play the entire season, would be interested in moving up to compete in Division 1 this season. We currently have Division 1 licenses available, but Division 1 will be restricted to a maximum of 30 teams.

If you are a Division 2 or Division 3 team and are planning to play the entire 2012 MS season, please do not hesitate to contact Ulrich at the following email address: [email protected] He will assist you in obtaining a locked division license for 2012.

IMPORTANT NOTE; If you were planning to play in Division 2 or Division 3 we strongly recommend you register and pay as soon as possible, even if the divisions are full as date and time of payment received dictates your ranking on our waiting list. To register your team please contact [email protected] or visit

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