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29. Dezember 2003

Millennium Series – Premier League 2004

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[img]../newsimages/sonstiges2003/2003-12-29-article_image.gif[/img]Match Format Each Match consists of 4, 7-man, centre flag, back to back games. The game duration is 7 minutes with a 5-minute turn-around time. The playing field will be 180’ X 100’ and have a visible clock and scoreboard. Player rosters are limited to 10 but teams may have additional pit crews. Penalties Standard 7-Man Millennium series rules apply. Assessments of 1-for-1, 2-for-1 or 3-for-1 penalties when not enough live players are left will result in 1, 2 or 3 points respectively deducted from the offending teams game points. If a player hangs the flag is found to be ‘hit’ then the game will be considered to be a draw. Points System Flag Hang within 2 minutes 7 Points Flag Hang between 2 & 4 minutes 6 Points Flag Hang between 4 & 7 minutes 5 Points Draw/Loss 0 Points At the end of the four games the total of the points scored will determine the winner of the match. Draw At the end of the 4 games if points are drawn then a one-on-one contest will determine the winning team. Teams are allowed to choose any player from their roster and have 2 minutes to be ready for the start, after the 4th game ends. Structure The matches are played using a double elimination structure. Once a team looses a game they then move over to the losers bracket but can still go on to win the tournament. If a team looses 2 matches during the tournament they are eliminated from the tournament. Ranking To determine the overall position of the teams during the tournament (5th & 6th, 7th & 8th, 9th-12th, 13th-16th) the points scored during that rounds match will be used. First points scored are considered then points scored against the team encase of a tie situation.PRESS RELEASE Dec. 2003 MILLENNIUM SERIES 2004 – EUROPE, THE WORLD & EVERYTHING After 6 weeks of exhaustive meetings, research, negotiation and just plain blood sweat & tears, the Millennium series has come up with an exciting and innovative plan for 2004 which reacts to opinions from players, the industry and to wider events shaping the future of our sport. In the coming season, the Millennium Series will be expanding. We will be running 8 events throughout Europe offering a wider choice of events to the players. The same quality and structure will be enforced at all events carrying the Millennium Series name. The first big change is that we shall be introducing a Pro-League? X Ball™ series, known as EXL, which be played at 4 Millennium events. The league will be made up of the top 8 European Teams with 2 spots left open for high ranked U.S. teams. At the end of the European Series the 4 top placed European teams will play the top 4 NXL teams in a genuine World X Ball™ Championship decider. For 2004 the EXL league will see all entry fees being returned in Prize Money. At the end of 2004 all EXL teams that have complied with the series requirements will be offered their place for the 2005 series, which will also allow for all necessary expansion. In order to give the entire series a more professional structure, we will now abolish the old system of AmA, AmB and Novice and replace them with Division 1, 2 & 3. During 2004 teams can make their decision as to which division they wish to play in. However, from that point forward the divisions will be locked except for the annual promotion & relegation of a number of teams, to be decided. For 2004 these divisions will play the traditional 7 man format, however, for 2005 we will take opinion from the teams as to which format is most desired in every division. These divisions will be offered at all 8 Millennium events. The other main change to our series is that there will be a new 7-Man Premier League, replacing the Old Pro Division. This will be played at 4 Millennium events using a new and exciting format. This will host Pro versus Pro games, on the main field at all Premier League events. This will allow the top European pro teams the opportunity to play in both the 7-man and EXL formats. The Millennium have heavily invested in the 2004 Series in terms of equipment, a professional reffing squad for both EXL and Premiere League, Professional head field judges for all fields, more cash prize money and more full time staff to ensure everything runs smoothly. We have done this as it our belief that the age of televised professional paintball is just around the corner. Over the coming days all detailed information will be made available on the Millennium Series website: STOP PRESS IMPORTANT !!! The last published dates for the Maxs Masters – Germany are incorrect. The new dates are; 10th-12th April (Saturday to Monday) Unfortunately due to a problem with venues the Joy Masters – Sweden will not be taking place in 2004. The tournament will skip this season and return in full swing for 2005.

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