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27. September 2007

MacDev Project D is coming

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MacDev hat die letzten 2 Jahre seinem streng geheimen Projekt "D" gewidment und dankt allen eingeweihten Händlern & Testern für deren Diskretion. Der neue Wundermarkierer wird den Namen "Droid" tragen und keine direkte Weiterentwicklung der Cyborg sein aber lest selbst:

Project D is a new gun designed and manufactured by MacDev, we have named it Droid. This new gun is not a Cyborg, and it is not intended to replace the Cyborg. The Cyborg and Droid will both be available, and the Cyborg has a very bright future, with a new model set for release in the first quarter of 2008.

The Droid will be set in the high end bracket, with a retail price of over $US1,000, it will be an alternative option to players who want to have a high quality and high performance single tube paintball marker. 
The Droid is designed to breathe new life into the single tube gun market. MacDev designers have made some very interesting innovations that are designed to increase the reliability and efficiency which is always lacking in conventional spool designs. These innovations have led to significant reliability and efficiency advantages, and patents will be granted for them soon.
The Droid features lightweight construction, extensive 3D surface milling and a small, comfortable playing profile.

Präsentiert werden wird das neue Schmuckstück auf dem World Cup in Orlando – man darf also durchaus gespannt sein!

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