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11. Dezember 2003

LA Ironman vor dem Ende?

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[img]../newsimages/teamlogos/2003-12-11-Ironmen_big.gif[/img]Ein Interview mit Micah McGlocklin bestätigt nun die seit Wochen kursierenden Gerüchte, daß sich ein großer Teil der Ironman und damit auch einige der tragenden Köpfe von ihrem Team trennen und ein neues Team ohne die Unterstützung von Dye gründen werden (man munkelt das dieses neue Team JT USA als Mayorsponsor haben wird). Wie sich dem Interview entnehmen lässt, waren Spieler wie Micah McGlocklin und Rich Telford (der Teamcaptain der Ironman) sehr unzufrieden mit einigen Entscheidungen ihres Mayor Sponsors Dye und waren auch nicht mehr bereit waren den Vorgaben der NXL zufolgen und sich somit auf gewissen Turnierserien limitieren zu lassen. Die Ironman werden definitiv weiter bestehen, doch mit welchem Kader? Auffüllt werden soll mit Spielern von Legacy und einigen anderen jungen kalifornischen Talenten. Ob dieser neuer Kader ohne die erfahrenen alten Spieler überleben wird, kann nur die nächste Saison zeigen.Quelle: @ FLAGPULL: Thanks for doing the interview, first off what's your name and where do youreside? Micah: My name is Micah McGlocklin, I reside in Davis, CA but I summer in SwedenSHAWN @ FLAGPULL: When and how did you start paintballing?Micah: A good friend had a gun, we shot it andhad fun , so I decided to get one. I was 12 at the time. My mom didn't want me to have a gun, but I didn't tell my dad that, so I had him take me to the store and buy myself a gun. My parents were very critical of my involvement in paintball, until I started playing pro, getting lots of free stuff, and free trips to Europe, pro paintball has introduced me to people and exposed me to new places that some people can only dream about. My life is almost cartoonish in how unbelievable it is. How many people do you know that get to fly all over the world for free, meet and have friends in countries all over the world, especially to go drink with my friends and chase girls around, and cause havoc with local authorities? But I digress.SHAWN @ FLAGPULL: What was some of your first tournament memories?Micah: My 1st tourney memories were how dorky some people are. My first tournament was in 1989; back then guys came to tourneys with silencers, face paint, and that sniperflauge stuff. It basically was like a scenario game is now. Can't get many girls playing like that. I also remember how excited I was to play. Paintball days in general were the greatest thing ever. I was so exciting; I would get ready for a tournament way ahead of time. I wish I still had those feelings. Don't get me wrong, I still love paintball, but I don't get pee-in-my-pants excited. I love playing little throw together tournament like pan-ams and local events with guys that haven't been playing as long as I have. I remember playing a Reno Pan Am with the regulators in 2001. Those guys were so excited for the event they couldn't even sleep the night before. It's like a drug. I keep trying to get back to the time when I couldn't sleep the night before. Those guys' attitudes rubbed off on me, it was great! Oh yeah we won the event as well.SHAWN @ FLAGPULL: I have an ant problem in my office right now, what's your secret to killingants?Micah: You have to feng shu your area. It's all about balancing your chi. Only when these things are in balanced will you achieve harmony. Then you will realize the truth: There are no ants.SHAWN @ FLAGPULL: Off the top of your head what was or best and worst memories of paintball?Micah: Best memory: I have a bunch that's why I still play. Getting state troopers to draw guns on our team van during a game of team patented „car tag“ in Atlantic City is pretty good. Stealing Rich's car, grand theft auto style in new Orleans, going over curbs and on lawns at 60 MPH to win car tag, getting free drinks all tourney in Orlando 1 year from the hottest bar tender and other „favors“ was nice, golf cart sailing with Rich and Oli in France. Essentially we took a golf cart barreling down a steep graded hill full speed then spin the cart and try to keep the golf cart up on 2 wheels as long as possible without tipping it over. That's when I realized oli's ankles are made of rubber. Shooting Brian Ravenel in the ass 3 times when he tagged our car at a red light in Chicago during car tag, you should have seen his face when he saw me wheel the gun on him! Buying sour candy with Yosh. Winning 2000 Orlando world cup and the overall title, just sitting on the field for an hour crying, the subsequent dinner with the team afterwards. Andy Kopcok. Matt Marshall falling asleep at the wheel after reffing in Vegas 1 year. Brahim and his crazy gun collection. Getting alcohol poising in Sweden. Paris. SK and Ravenel the machine guns of Poland. Everyone needs to go to Poland, atleast guys! I have been playing a long time; I got lots of memories.SHAWN @ FLAGPULL: What's the best team in paintball right now? Micah: Who knows for a fact? With the splintering of leagues and the different formats. Dynasty is the most popular and won the most tourneys last year, but I think there are other great teams out there. Strange, Russians, Ton Tons, Joy Division, all the NXL teams, and bunker monkeys, who's your daddy, samurai pizza cats, any team with a good name gets a vote from me.SHAWN @ FLAGPULL: What do you think of tournament paintball right now, touch on NXL, X-ball,Super 7, PSP? Micah: NXL did things all wrong. The NXL powers that be told us we could play any tourney we wanted, then we all commit and they say „oh yeah, about that, sorry we changed our minds.“ Not cool. I am not too sure the NXL is going to hit on TV, they keep promising us all this money, they play off the fact that everyone in the pro ranks have these delusions of grandeur about being rich/famous off of pro paintball. News flash isn't going to happen. I don't play for money/fame so I am not going to be a part of the NXL next year; my teammates and I are going to form a new team, away from DYE and the Ironmen shield. We play to have fun, last year was not too much fun. I think alot of other NXL teams are having similar problems. X-ball is fun, good format, but I think regular paintball is pretty cool too. Super 7 seems like a good gig. The 2 leagues competing against each other to have better venues and prizes means paintball players win. So fortunately the team we are putting together is going to able to play super 7, division 1 x ball, and go to Europe 3 or 4 times. We get to play wherever we want AND get prize money for our effort, fantastico! I wish I had done this last year. But hindsight is 20/20 and all that.SHAWN @ FLAGPULL: Besides looking cool and shooting faces what do you do?Micah: I hit on girls, preferably hot Asian girls, plot against the man, and I am an Econ Professor at UCDavis. I dodge, I Weave, dogs love me and insects fear me.SHAWN @ FLAGPULL: In your opinion what was the greatest paintball innovation to hit paintball inthe last 5 years?Micah: Paintball tanks at scenario games events, with full auto guns mounted, shooting 400 fps.SHAWN @ FLAGPULL: What's your take on the explosion of paintball stores and fields in NorthernCalifornia, do you think there's enough business for all of them? Micah: There is always enough paintball pie for everyone. Stop the hate!SHAWN @ FLAGPULL: What's your thoughts on Dynasty and Smart Parts, and were they really talkingwith DYE about next season?Micah: Dynasty did things right, they are very marketable and taking advantage of that fact. DYE really wanted to sponsor the team with guns and gear, but come on, you fire Yosh cause' he couldn't work full time being a student, you use him as your poster boy, yet don't compensate him, Yosh can only get kicked so many times in the face before he decides he doesn't like getting kicked in the face anymore. „Family“ has meaning for some people, and others use it as rhetoric to their advantage.SHAWN @ FLAGPULL: Why did Yosh leave LA Ironmen? Micah: You'd have to ask Yosh about that. I love Yosh like a brother, and always will, it broke my heart when he left, much like when Oli left. I hope everything works out for him, he is a real smart kid, I am sure he'll be fine. But the bonus balls will be coming! Oh yeah he owes me money too. I know where you live Yosh!SHAWN @ FLAGPULL: What is the best thing about paintball, why do you do it every weekend? Micah: Best thing about paintball is the brotherhood, especially amongst my teammates. I have the best team in the world to be around. Everytime we get together is pure fun. We know when to get to business, but we didn't nickname ourselves „Team Fun“ for nothing. I don't play for money or for fame, that stuff is fleeting, I have made friends in paintball that I know I will have for life. Its all about having fun with the people your with.SHAWN @ FLAGPULL: Any last words, any thing else the world should know? Micah: If anybody would like a free Oli Lang or Yosh Ray signed jersey please feel free to email and I'll get you their addresses, cell phone #s and email addresses. They love talking to fans. I like sushi and mountain dew, together if possible, long walks on the beach and talking about my feelings. So if there are any Single or interested ladies out there let me know!

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