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30. November 2004

Jawwbraker #4 released

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[img]../newsimages/produktnews2003/2004-11-30-jawwbraker-home.jpg[/img]Für $32,95 kann man die neuste Jawwbraker DVD, die Episode #4, bestellen. Die 112 Minuten lange DVD enthält unter vielem anderem auch die Eventcoverage vom den EPPC Event Maxs Masters und vom World Cup in Toulouse.Bei kauf der DVD nimmt man im ganzen Dezember an einer Verlosung teil bei der es einen ipod mini zu gewinnen gibt. Mehr über die #4 wissen die Jungs von 68caliber zu berichten:After a pre-release at NPPL San Diego, Jawwbraker Video Series Episode # 4, is finally available to both proshops and the retail public. Now independently produced, Jawwbraker is paintball’s only true form video magazine format. With coverage from five tournaments, two team profiles, real Life with Mapp Chhim, a peak at the making of Greg Hastings’s video game, and probably the only footage of the Russian Legion available this year, Jawwbraker # 4 is worth a serious look. # 4 is THE MOST action packed episode the Jawwbraker crew has produced yet. The action footage, culled from PSP NE, France, NPPL Denver, Germany, and NPPL Huntington Beach, has an intense, condensed feel to it.“We did things a little differently this time,” said Producer Dan Napoli. “Brad [Maughan, co-producer/editor/director] shorted himself action reels on purpose. So instead of doing three action reels from a tournament, and stringing out the best shots over three different reels, he did only two reels packed with great shots, that rip your head off.” The staff also used heighten- production values, and shot from different angles than they had before. “There’s some pretty cool stuff-over the shoulder shots, shots where you see paintballs flying around bunkers,” said Napoli. “There is a lot of this episode that looks like it was shot on film, its that crisp, but it all was shot digital.” Once again, the Jawwbraker soundtrack is off the charts. The release mixes tracks from bands like Sugarcult and Fallout Boy, who are starting to have pretty major commercial success, to revered indie / punk acts like The Weakerthans, Kid Dynamite, the band Jawbreaker, Northstar, and Strike Anywhere. # 4 is the second solo-hosting stint for everyone’s favorite pro baller, Matt Marshall of XSV. This time, Marshall and the crew jet up to Seattle to visit with Naughty Dogs Mapp Chhim, this episode’s Real Life subject. Chhim is one the sports top talents, although he’s not a pro that normally gains a ton of coverage. Chhim welcomes the audience into his home and tells his amazing story, including coming to the U.S. as a Cambodian refugee, and the loss of his teammate Drew Robertson earlier this year. “Mapp is an amazing person with an equally amazing story,” Napoli said. “ I feel pretty privileged that he let us into his home and tell his story.” Jawwbraker # 4 has a much quicker pace and feel to it, although with the bonus section, it still clocks in at almost an hour and 45 minutes. “We opted to include more segments and features, but keep them shorter,” said Napoli. “And to put some things in the bonus section. More and more kids watch things in a non-linear fashion, especially video mags like 411 and On. We tried to key into that.” What this gives you is two team profiles-a pro feature on Avalanche, and am feature on Stoned Assassins, a gearbag profile on NXE paintball, a look inside three pro players gearbag, a Rockshow with the Bouncing Souls live in Chicago, moto-X highlights from the Bomber Games in France, a chance to see Mapp, Marshall, & Tyler Michaud talking about the Pacific Northwest paintball scene (both placed in the bonus menu). Last but not least, Jawwbraker 4 features an incredibly cool, informative peak into WXP, and the making of Greg Hastings’s Tournament Paintball video game. Jawwbraker shows you live video of the game being played, as well as a visit with Greg Hastings, as he talks about how one of the most anticipated events of the year came about. Showing it to be a true video magazine, Jawwbraker does feature two commercial breaks, with spots from Sire, Planet, NXE, Derder, Dynasty Dynamics, and P8nt magazine. “I think its cool, especially having spots for other DVDs,” Napoli said. “I hope the audience will be excited by it, because they are commercials from paintball companies, and there not very many of ‘em. I hope it works out like skate videos, where kids are stoked out by a seeing a commercial for something new from a cool company in the industry.” Continuing their growth from Episode # 3, Jawwbraker is doing things differently than ever before, in more ways than one. After years of being produced by Warped Sportz, Jawwbraker Video Series moved out on its own this past summer. It is now produced by Disconnected Promotions, LLC, a company owned by Napoli and two friends from college, Bret S. Walker, & Shon Leiske. “It was just best for keeping Jawwbraker neutral, as a video magazine, to produced it on its own,” Napoli said. “Also, Warped Sportz is so busy with other projects. Plus, I’m sure some people might see it as a conflict for a manufacturer/ retailer to actually produce a video mag, as opposed to just selling it.” “We just want to make Jawwbraker as accessible as possible to everyone, and get it on the shelves of as many core paintball shops as we can,” added Walker, the company’s sales director. “If stores aren’t set up with Warped Sportz, we will be happy to work with them.” Jawwbraker is now available to stores dealer-direct, as well as through Warped Sportz. The new dvd is available to the retail public from,, or their local pro shop. For a December sales promotion, anybody making a purchase directly from Jawwbraker Video Series will be automatically registered to win a free IPOD mini. This includes both the general public making purchases from, and the individual store buyer ordering DVDs dealer-direct. The winner will be announced on Jan 4, 2005. “We just though it was a cool thing to do for X-Mas,” said Napoli. “And then, we did not want to exclude the stores who purchase through us dealer direct, so we thought it would be cool and different to let the buyer register as an individual also.” The winner will be chosen at random via computer program, so that everyone has the same odds of winning.

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