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30. Dezember 2005

FEP Quest

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First Endeavor Paintball hat seine Quest fertiggestellt und bringt nun mit den entgültigen Fakten online. Auf der neuen FEP Seite hat man die Wahl zwischen einer roten, blauen oder schwarzen Quest. Die Quest hat ein Autococker-Laufgewinde und kommt mit dem Hauseigenen 007 Lauf. Man soll 1500 Bälle mit einer 68ci/4500psi Füllung verschiessen können. Der kugelgelagerte Trigger ist voll einstellbar und das zweiteilige Boltkit soll die Wartung zu einem Kinderspiel machen. Das Stockboard wird die mittlerweile benötigten PSP, NXL, Ramp und Semi-auto Modes beinhalten. Die unverbindliche Preisempfehlung von FEP beträgt $925.[img]../newsimages/produktnews2003/2005-12-30-quest-m-bk-detail_390.jpg[/img][img]../newsimages/produktnews2003/2005-12-30-quest-m-bl-detail_390.jpg[/img][img]../newsimages/produktnews2003/2005-12-30-quest-m-rd-detail_390.jpg[/img]Die orginale Produktbeschreibung:The Quest Paintball Marker comes fully stocked with a host of features. Designed with the player in mind, its’ sleek compact appearance is not only aesthetically appealing, but functional as well. The Slider Frame offers 2 positions for the player to choose from, a forward set of frame holes for the front player in mind or a further back set for all the back players out there. The trigger guard is enlarged to fit any sized hands on the triggers sweet spot. The Spot Trigger comes fully adjustable and equipped with bearings and a magnetic return. Both dually needed because at a blazing fast 23bps speed and with a 1500 rd capability (68/4500), The Quest will outshoot and outlast the competition.For the tournament player at heart it comes cocker threaded, so no need to cart around another set of barrels, integrated snatch grip for the long walks from the pits to the field, and a trigger programmable board including NXL, PSP, and standard semi-auto modes. Together with a clamping feedneck and break beam anti-chop eyes The Quest is capable of fitting a variety of loaders and shooting paint break free.With its simplistic 2-piece internal Bolt/Pin combo, maintenance and repair are a breeze. No more putting bolts back together backwards, or inserting a cup seal wrong. A quick wipe down and re-grease and your back on the field shootin fools all day long. Also included in the package is FEP’s 007 2-piece barrel boasting a 7” control bore.With a combination of The Quest & 007 barrel, accuracy and consistency excel above all others!Ein PbNation Posting von Neil Penney das fast alle Standardfragen beantwortet:First off, this will be the only company thread that I will post in.Ok, Guys…I guess I need to clear a few things up. Some of you know me some don't (been a while since I've posted). Let me introduce myself to the ones that don't. My name is Neil Penney. I used to work for Bob Long as one of his head techs along side Terry Fong. I know quite a few people in the industry AND am one of the owners of First Endeavor Paintball. So I can answer some of your questions a little better than most.First the Co. There are currently 5 people in this endeavor in varying positions. All five have been in painball for many years and have a lot of experience in the industry. One of those is Chris Cole. He's been playing forever, and has designed many items already on the market that most people don't even realize. Dave Palmer, he has been in the industry for about 15 years and is well known on the west coast under Urban Quest Paintball. Then there is me. On the leading edge of the electro-pnumatic revolution with Bob Long that overtook paintball in the early 2000's.Let me give you a little facts about the marker from a better stand point, and a more realistic view.Warning…I will be an *** in this thread (mainly cause I hate this crap). But I will stay true to facts.Ok, rate of fire. Is it gonna shoot fast? YES. Is it gonna outshoot the other 5 high end markers on the market? NO. Most every high end marker on the market cycle at a max of around 40ms, and is limited by the solenoid. Our solenoid is capped at around 23bps. So in turn this marker with this setup will not shoot above 23bps.Size & Weight. Is it small and light? YES. Is it as small as a cap gun, and light as a feather? NO. It's made of metal. Just as all the other high end markers on the market. It will not be a pound lighter than another marker on the market. It *might* end up 2 or 3 oz's lighter than most of the other high end markers but not some crazy light weight. Again it will „compete“ with the lightest markers on the market.The main selling features of the marker are what we (with many years in the industry) feel the consumer wants.Things like…Maintenance. Kick. Speed. Size. Weight. Aesthetics. Simplicity. Comfort. Repairability. Efficiency. Quality. Cost. Consistecy. Ease of use.Every high end gun on the market has a couple of things going for it, but lacs in other areas. What we've tried to do is make a marker that is on top or equal to the best on the market in every catagory.This marker hits a lot more marks than most, and really hits the important ones.It will be one of the lightest and most comfortable markers. It is so easy to work on and repair, only a couple of orings require maintenance. It has absolutely no kick at all, and produces a very flat and consistent trajectory. It will be one of the most efficient markers out. And it is so simple to use most every newbie can shoot it right out of the box.It's simple we have a quality product that we think people will like. Some people will like it and some will not. That's the way it is. We will try our best to please as many customers that we can.Sincerely,Neil PenneyFEPAnd First Endeavor Paintball / Urban Quest fans. We LOVE you to death, but calm down with the it's the best thing since sliced bread stuff.EDIT. A couple of features to mention to answer a few possible questions.Cocker barrel threadsStock 2-piece barrelBearing trigger stockMulti-functioning board, PSP, NXL, Ramp, Semi-auto modes1400-1500 rds out of 65/4500User selectable frame positioningMSRP $925

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