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29. September 2004

Face-Full Issue 23

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Die Ausgabe 23 (Oktober 2004) der Face-Full wurde jetzt veröffentlicht und dies ist der Inhalt:

The consequences
In its in-depth feature of the month, FaceFull Magazine (issue 23) takes you through the worst-case paintball scenario. Yes, the accident/broken goggle nightmare that we’ve all been scared to talk about… the one that keeps us up late at night. We take it apart, and see how the whole industry, the sport, the competition and your simple right to play paintball are jeopardized every time a player exceeds the legal 300 feet per second limit on their marker.

The Lasoya Supremacy
And he remembers everything. From leaving the NXL for the Super 7, abandoning Richmond Italia (CEO Procaps, Creator of the NXL) to the brutal reality of being replaced by a team owned by Bill Gardner (Smart Parts). Where, how and when will the NXL pay off? Lasoya has answers. But are they the right ones?

Ghetto Superstar vs Golden Boy?
Angel Fragoza and Oliver Lang go face to face in our Pro Drill/Profile sections outlining how these two players have changed the face of paintball forever. Could this be our double-Dynasty issue? Yes, if we didn’t also profile this year’s biggest and newest heavyweight contender: Team Arsenal.

Speaker’s corner: Season 2
FaceFull’s Rich Telford responds to allegations of having wrongly accused a few teams of ‘sandbagging’. The term ‘sandbagging’ refers to teams staying in lower-ranked divisions while having a superior playing level. We print the accused team’s response and watch Mr. Telford on the saddle as he tries to defend his job, and his comments. Will he convince the jury, and above all: Could he be the next candidate ‘fired’? You’ll find out today, as you read the next issue, of FaceFull magazine…. In newsstands everywhere.

In your face in your world

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