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Exalt TRX Cleats

Author: , 19. Jan 2010

TRX Cleats by Exalt

Designed for one thing… Running Fast!

We have taken the function of a super light track shoe and given it the features and durability needed in a paintball cleat.The cleats come with 2 sets of spikes to keep you legal in any tournament.
Included with the cleats
– 1 Cleat Bag
– 1 set of plastic golf spikes (installed)
– 1 set of rounded aluminum/plastic spikes
– spare spikes and spike tool.

Sizes 9,10,11,12

The fitting is similar to casual shoes, if you wear size 11 for casual shoes; choose the size 11 for the Exalt Cleats. If you are a size 10.5 or 10 in casual shoes; choose size 10 for the Exalt Cleats.

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