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27. November 2003

Dynasty wechselt zu Smartparts update

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[img]../newsimages/szenenews2003/2003-11-25-dynasty.jpg[/img]Dynasty, das Top US Team, wechselt von ihrem derzeitigen Sponsor WDP (Angel) zu Smartpart (Shocker). Dies berichten zuverlässige Quellen. Ein Megadeal sozusagen, den sich Smartpart auch leisten kann.Die Amis haben doch letzten erst ihre Patentklage gewonnen und verdienen jetzt an jedem Elektropneumaten der Verkauft wird. Da ist es kein Wunder das Dynasty zusätzlich zu dem Gunsponsoring noch 75.000 US$ bekommt. [img]../newsimages/szenenews2003/2003-11-27-dynasty_sign.jpg[/img]We asked Owen at WDP about the rumors and he said that „Dynasty has told just about everybody else except for us [about the Smart Parts deal], it's a little bit discourteous and unprofessional. It looks like they are going to shoot Smart Parts guns. They left us not because they think Smart Parts guns are the best, but because Smart Parts is paying them a lot of money. That's money that Smart Parts got by suing everyone in the industry“ Owen went on to say that he's heard the deal is rumored to be a cash offer of $100,000. A Dynasty edition Shocker (or Nerve) will be produced and Dynasty will earn $100 for every gun that's sold. Owen estimates that this will bring the team in an extra $200,000 to $300,000. From the looks of it, that works out to $40,000 a player on Dynasty, on top of the $80,000+ they won last year, on top of all the sponsorship cash they get from JT and other sponsors. Owen said that Dynasty originally called WDP and said Dynasty didn't want to be a Smart Parts team, and asked WDP to match the deal. WDP refused, saying it was a ridiculous deal. Owen suggested that many of the Dynasty players being fresh out of college don't want to have to get 'real jobs' and have the goal of being professional paid paintball players. He questioned whether Dynasty was more concerned with the money Smart Parts had to offer rather than the quality of the gun and the backing of the company. With WDP being so heavily invested in the success and growth of the NPPL Super 7 Owen says WDP „feels that we've sponsored every single team in the NPPL. We had a lot of plans for next year, they did involve dynasty now they'll involve someone else.“

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