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20. Oktober 2003

DYE – DM4 (2. Update)

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Seit heute gibt es Bilder der DYE Matrix 4 (DM4), wie man unschwer erkennen kann sieht sie im Vergleich zur „alten“ Matrix sehr futuristisch aus. Beim PSP World Cup in Orlando diese und nächste Woche, wird man sie dann auch in Natura bewundern können.

Hier die Features:
– Passend eloxierter Dye Ultra-light Lauf
– Integriertes On/Off für die Luftzufuhr
– Hyper2 Inline Regulator
– Internes Anti-Chop Eye System
– 170 PSI Arbeitsdruck
– Einstellbare Abzugsempfindlichkeit
– Leichter und kompakter Body
– DM4 Sticky 3 Grip
– LED Programmkontrolle
– Ergonomisches 45er Griffstück
– Herausnehmbares einteiliges Boltsystem
– Intern modular aufgebaut

1. Update:

DYE haben heute offizielle Informationen betreffend der DM4 rausgegeben. Hier die Informationen (taken from FON):

The DM4 has been born. Created and developed by a unique team of paintball’s finest athletes and engineers. Every detail has been carefully formulated and prepared to the exacting standards of DYE. The DM4 not only embodies the very idea of paintball gun perfection, it also shatters the boundaries of 3-D body sculpting. Under a literal choreography of drill bits, metal and coolant, our CNC machines have carved and shaved the most stylistically innovative paintball gun available. You want fast? The DM4 houses unprecedented electronic control and is limited only to the speed of your hopper. Utilizing cutting-edge technical achievements coupled with superior elegance in design and function, the DM4 symbolizes the momentum, quality and perfection that is DYE.


Patented DM4™ Fuse™ Bolt:

Utilizing the same fundamentals from the original Matrix bolt kit, we have developed a new breed of spool valve technology. The Fuse™ Bolt kit has been specifically designed in such way to increase air flow and efficiency while not sacrificing the low pressure or incredible accuracy that you have grown to love from the standard Matrix. The Fuse™ bolt removes in a one-piece component bolt system, eliminating the need for a removable breech. No more backwards “beer cans” or “front walls” to cause problems. Every piece is presicision machined to fit together exactly; one way, one piece

Integrated On/Off valve:
Front located on/off bleed valve makes quick maintenance possible. A simple 1/4 of the on/off valve degasses the bolt section of the gun without removing the air source, allowing you to easily remove the bolt assembly for quick maintenance. This also is useful for extened periods of storage, reducing constant stress on o-rings and internal assemblies.

Internal Low Pressure Regulator (LPR):
Strategically relocated, the rear LPR, allows for internal fine adjustment of your bolts operating pressure from a range of 65 psi to 85 psi within tenths. Our new design has made it removable, high-flow and easy to maintain.

Internal Anti-Chop Eye System / Dual Ball Detents:
The infrared is the only way to go. Newly reprogrammed, our eye software is one of the most stable on the market. The DM4 anti-chop eye is unaffected by light or by the color of paint. Dual rubber ball detents align each ball for firing. Our low profile, contoured eye plates protect and hide the eye from external abuse caused by dirt or paint impact and provide a near-seamless door to the servicable electronics and the replaceable dual ball detents.

Hyper2 Regulator:
The all new Hyper2 regulator has been redesigned to offer you better flow, better consistency, and easier maintenance. Designed specifically for low pressure, high volume paintball guns, the Hyper2 provides consistent regulated output pressure combined with an extremely high rate of air flow which eliminates shoot down and insconsistent FPS velocity. Adjustable from 50-450 psi

High Intensity LED program control
A membrane pad with two buttons. Marker power, to turn the gun on and off and eye control, to turn the eye on and off. Changing the program settings of the gun is easily accomplished by using the same two buttons in conjuction with the trigger. A high intensity LED light lets you know which mode you are in and whether the eye is on or off. Simple, digital menus are for cell phones and PDA’s. We didn’t go that far…yet.

Ergonomic 45 Grip Frame:
The DM4 features one of the most comfortable grip frames on the market. Designed for comfort and ease of use, the DM4 grip frame houses the battery and the circuit board for the marker. Integrated into the frame is an ergonomically designed carrying handle to prevent hand fatigue while walking to the field. Wrapped in an abundance of co-molded stickyness the DM4 comes standard with custom color matched Sticky3 grips.

2. Update:


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