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30. Juni 2010

Bob Long Intimidator G6R

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The Bob Long G6R Intimidator is here to take back its turf.

As of the past 4 or 5 years, Bob long has not been producing any of the Intimidator series paintball guns…. UNTIL TODAY!

The Bob Long G6R Intimidator is one of the most technologically advanced paintball guns to hit the market and has a very anticipated release. Over the last 3 years, the Bob Long G6R Intimidator has been under wraps and in the many different design phases.

Now, it is time for the official unveiling of the Bob Long G6R Intimidator. The G6R has been in production for the past few months and will be released to the public at the end of June 2010. The initial run of Bob Long G6R Intimidators will be available in 5 different colors for you to choose from. The Bob Long G6R will utilize the popular stacked tube design from the original Intimidator series paintball guns. Also, the gun will have no external hoses or macro line. This will ensure less problems with the gun and make the Bob Long G6R Intimidator one of the most reasonably priced and reliable guns in the lineup.

The new G6R Intimidator is slightly longer than the Vice and just as tall as the Victory.

The Bob Long G6R Intimidator will include a comfortable set of wrap around grips. The Eye system has been completely redesigned but is still 4C compatible.

 The biggest update about the new Bob Long G6R paintball gun is the main body. The gun is literally cut in half right down the center of the feedneck so you will have front and back halves of the gun. The Bob Long G6R Intimidator is now available to order.

BILDER FOLGEN wir bleiben am BALL!

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