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22. März 2007

Bloodline Industries

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Tyler Michaud stelle seine eigene Firma namens Bloodline Industries an diesem Wochenende in Huntington Beach vor. Tyler ist mit dem Team Dynasty bekannt geworden hat für Hybrid als einer der ersten Contract Killer Produkte entworfen und spielt aktuell für St. Louis Avalanche. Weitere Informationen findet ihr in der Pressemeldung dazu:

In addition to making his 7-Man debut with St. Louis Avalanche, former Dynasty star Tyler Michaud will debut his new company, Bloodline Industries, as part of the tradeshow during NPPL Huntington Beach next week.

Bloodline Industries will produce and distribute high quality hard parts and gun upgrades for both tournament and recreational grade markers.

Michaud [pronounced MEE-SHO], a former designer for Hybrid Technology and one their first sponsored Contract Killers, will handle all design work and product development.

“Throughout my pro career, I have been fortunate enough to be involved in the design process of many cutting edge products,” said Michaud. “They only pitfall I kept running into was that things always seem to be subject to somebody else criteria. I’m excited to have the opportunity to truly express my ideas and style through Bloodline.”

Bloodline Industries hopes combining Tyler’s experience as a product designer and a four-time World Cup Champion will set the brand apart.

“We will be different.” Said Michaud. “We don’t have to confirm to any preconceived notions, both as a company and with the product themselves. We’re not trying to appeal to everyone. We’re just going after like-minded players.”

The company will have its line of rails, on/offs, and Shocker upgrades available at their booth at NPPL HB next week..

The product line is currently available through several retailers, including Pev’s San Diego and Doodlebug Sportz in Everett, Washington.

“Our mindset is to bring paintball back to a time when it was about punishment,” Michaud said. “I like conflict and anger against your opponent on the field. No blood, no glory.”

Dealers looking for more information on carrying the line can contact Bloodline Industries at 306.380.0807, [email protected].

Check out for more information.

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