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15. September 2009

JT USA FX Concept Series

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Dye introduces the 2010 NT™.
A three year culmination of engineering and design, creating the most advanced paintball gun ever made. The Dye NT™ takes accuracy, air efficiency, design and style to a new standard by setting a benchmark for all others to follow. The Dye NT™ is the Choice of Champions™.

01 Ultralite Barrel
The industry standard for accuracy, the NT comes stock with the Ultralite™ 14 inch barrel.

02 Next Generation Spool Valve
The NT Bost Bolt is the culmination of over 4 years of design, research, and testing. A low mass bolt minimizing
recoil is controlled by the most advanced spool
valve design ever.

03 Boost Forward Technology
The patent pending Boost Forward Technology controls the speed of the bolt through its cycle, providing an initial gentle push on the ball to minimize ball breakage, and then increasing in speed to maximize efficiency and consistency.

04 Automatic Valve Shutoff
The patent pending auto shutoff instantly terminates the shot chamber volume as soon as enough air is released to fire the ball. This feature ensures no air is wasted.

05 Boost Bolts Linear Secondary Solenoid Spool
The linear, second stage solenoid spool minimizes air usage and air travel allowing the NT to function with a dwell of only 6 milliseconds.

06 Low Operating Pressure
The NT’s standard operating pressure is a low 130psi, which results in minimal recoil and sound.

07 Eye Pipe system with Performance Detents
New durable and super-flexible detents offer supreme tenderness to the most brittle of paint. New flex-spring geometry ensures that balls will not double feed into the breech.

08 Ultimate Efficiency
Based off the industry standard 68ci /4500psi compressed air tank, the NT operating a 285 fps will generate 1500 to 1700 shots, depending on bolt configuration.

09 Player Performance and Shooting Comfort
By adjusting the bolt kit’s shot chamber volume and air flow, the NT’s efficiency, recoil, and sound signature can be modified to the users exact performance needs.

10 Logo
Dual injected inset DYE logo.

11 Utralite Airport
The UL airport has deep cuts that keeps it as light as possible, and gives it an aggressive look. It operates with a simple ¼ turn low profile side knob that allows forward port output for maximum comfort and streamline looks.

12 Ultralite Reach Trigger
Trigger roller bearing inserts give the trigger stability and a smooth swing return. The external adjustable design, allows you to limit the travel of the trigger and adjust the reach, rake and spring tension without removing the grip frame or Sticky Grip.

13 2nd Generation Ultralite Frame
The newest revision of the now famous UL frame offers an improved trigger adjustment system, redesigned battery mounting location, new button cover, and new control button housing system.

14 LED Control
High intensity LED provides identification to program functions.

15 Metal Power Buttons
Our metal/rubber button pad features large buttons that can easily be used while wearing gloves. Stainless steel buttons are guaranteed not to fail.

16 Hyper3™
The Hyper3™ regulator sports a streamlined diameter with unmatched flow and consistency, while maintaining precise adjustments.

17 Cam Lock Feed Neck
Low profile locking feed port with adjustable cam lock neck allows you to use your choice of hopper and secure it firmly to the NT without the use of tools.

18 Tool-less Sticky Grip™ & Contact Pads
The full wrap around NT Sticky Grip allows you to easily access the battery and circuit board for programming with no tools. We’ve also added a front rubber contact pad and rear rubber contact grip, for maximum comfort and stability.

19 NT Programming
The all-new circuit board for the NT has faster processing, and more accurate ROF control.

14. September 2009

Tippmann SL-68II

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Dear Tippmann Dealer:

We are not sure you were expecting this, but the SL-68 II is back! Tippmann is reintroducing this paintball legend with a few modern updates, including a redesigned integrated feed neck that fits most standard hoppers now on the market, as well as a redesigned ergonomic grip for enhanced comfort and control.

We didn’t make a lot of changes to the original design of the SL-68 II because – quite frankly – Denny Tippmann, Jr. did not feel that was necessary. We see this appealing to the growing number of players who are looking to have fun while shooting less paint in a day as well as those ‘purists’ or ‘old-school’ paintball players who really fell in love with this game using the original SL-68 II. Although this is currently a limited market, it does appeal to those hard core players and it may provide some fields and dealers a new way to play the game by offering a game using less paint. This marker will also be promoted on all major web sites, on our social network sites, be shown at all major paintball events including the Tippmann Challenge coming up later this month, and be available to paintball teams using pump markers.

Here are just a few of the comments we have received from our core players who recently saw the release of the new SL-68 II:

“I've been a fan of this marker since I started playing paintball. I will, to this day, borrow my brother's well worn SL 68II and play pump when I haven't got the funds to dump into playing with a faster marker all day. I love this thing, and I am extremely glad that you guys have decided to bring this back”.

“Please hold on while I pick my jaw up off the floor. I certainly didn’t see that one coming, and I imagine most other folks will feel exactly the same way. I know for me personally, the first game of paintball I ever played was using a rented SL-68 II. I also remember the day of near-mourning on the forum when the discontinuation of the SL-68 II was announced.”

“Holy crap!!!! That's all I can say! I didn't expect this at all, that is so, so, so cool. I'm sure this will have a huge positive response. I've always wanted an SL-68 II and never got my hands on one. Amazing work these days, I'm very impressed”
As stated above, the new SL-68 II still has the same great features that helped establish the original as a true paintball legend. These features include an 11-inch performance barrel; a breech port for easy cleaning; an all-metal trigger; an external velocity adjustor; a built-in sight rail; an integrated tank adapter with built-in gas line and front and rear sling mounts.
The new SL-68 II markers will sell at a MAP of $169. We are launching the SL-68 II at the Paintball Extravaganza dealer show next week in Atlanta and on our web site, but we wanted you to be one of the first to see this new marker. The official ship date will be October 15, 2009, but we are now accepting pre orders on our Tippmann ecommerce site or you can call me at 1-800-533-4831.
Thanks as always for your support; we look forward to an exciting launch.


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9. September 2009

EPC Budapest European Paintball Championship

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PRO (Gesamtwertung)
1. SK Moskau Kidz (Russia)
2. Frankfurt Syndicate (Germany)
3. Budapest Bullets (Hungary)
4. RL-Art Chaos Moskau (Russia)

Ergebnisse aus Budapest:

1. Kosmos (Russia)
2. Carpathian Bears (Ukraine)
3. Ukrainian Lions (Ukraine)
4. DTSL (Russia)

1. Rats (Czech Republic)
2. Syntax Error (Hungary)
3. Aliens (Poland)
4. Salamandra (Poland)


Splat XD Ausgabe #16

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