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21. Oktober 2008

Virtue T-Shirts 2009

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20. Oktober 2008


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NXe Squeegie

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NXe is proud to introduce a new addition to the Paintball Product Line.

NXe's All-New Barrel Squeegee is GUARANTEED to be the most indestructible squeegee design on the market! A built-in reinforcement cord throughout the core ensures this incredible durability.

The dual-sided, lab-tested design features:
Advance Microfiber on one side, for maximum paint absorption; while
Thick Terrycloth on the other side completely cleans and polishes the bore.
The EZ-bend design allows for compact storage, enabling quick access during play.

6. Oktober 2008

Planet Eclipse Ego & Geo

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2. Oktober 2008

SplatXD Ausgabe #5

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1. Oktober 2008

MacDev Bolt Upgrade

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The "Gold Bolt" wird in naher Zukunft bei jedem MacDev Händler zu haben sein und für folgende Verbesserungen sorgen: 

– improved air efficiency
– improved strength
– smoother action
– anticlip tip technology

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