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24. Januar 2008

Hybrid Good Bye!

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"Hybrid Says Goodbye?
To everyone in the paint-Ball community,

With the current situation of an economic melt down. We are going to be in the situation of change.. Not just our company but the community of paint-ball as we know it. Most importantly, our country.

We see the dying of paint-ball dealerships almost every day.

Backstory… Rumor has it Hybrid's China factory screwed them over and started selling unauthorized Hybrid products, in the midst of a legal battle with National (now KEE) over the Hybrid name. Legal battles are tough, and manufacturing issues are worse, it's tough to overcome both at the same time.

Watch the "Goodbye" video here…

We have seen and been involved in the constant bickering of paint-ball manufacturers to not alleviate an ridiculous infrastructure of an ever changing paint-ball community.. What we see is conglomerates and umbrella companies slowly try to corner it and kill, or be killed.

Competition is progress. But when there is none, You have become a monopoly. A beast that becomes fat and become a cancer to its own body. Now we fight internally.. From disgracing the new player to never having a good time, to the recballer who gives a damn about nothing but playing and if a field is not around or he thinks that his local field only caters to other so called "important non-paying types", he becomes renegade … lawless. To the dealer, who cannot figure out why no one comes in their store. To the dealer that decides to devalue industry product because they are now in survival mode to make ends meet. To the manufacturer who now must do the same to help with dealer margins, but bleeds its own margins and soon must be hasty in their decision making… We must stop and start reflecting!

Players will not feel this because you have the options to stay home and play online but know its always best to go play our sport like you should. Players have the luxury to love and hate brands to prove a point not knowing that this industry right this very moment, ONLY NEEDS GROWTH, the growth of competition, the growth to be better ambassadors to the new, the old, and the ones who have fallen to a disenfranchised love of the sport. The west is feeling the crunch, east will follow soon enough. Soon their will be nothing you decide what you want, that is the day the industry as a whole may be destroyed.

We have stepped sideways because first off, we can, and secondly, the consumer, the dealer are simply not buying how they use too. To the consumer that can afford to pay in other industries good money, but is educated to go cheap in paint-ball. If you cant afford it, you just cant afford it. HOWEVER, what must be done is to let new people embrace our sport so we can grow. To also provide a service to the community that we are legit. When we do, fields are easily accessible.

Now working on other industry where competition is fierce, they still maintain order, respect, right to fight, but keep the margins in check so its industry will not implode. Buyers still buy. No matter what. You can see it by their own conventions…

At this time I say we need a united front, a governing body, with two common goals; to thrive in our great industry, and to keep the industry from failing. We so love this sport? Then each player has a responsibility to improve it.

History is repeating-itself and the more you see it then you begin to believe that the harvest did not justify to reseed because of a long winter. And we need to hold on to the fabric that made us great. to conserve, to demand, to supply must all come into play.

We are a luxury sport, but when dad loses a job, or your parents lose their homes, who plays? who wins? most importantly, who survives? furthermore, who controls?

Once more.. We are still here, not like how we do, but we are still here. Production I still have and whatever I got that you want. I have, till the industry warrants it. And if it warrants it I'll make more. And when I can get up to lick my wounds, heal, and get up off my feet and feel like I need to do something, I'm coming after you.. To the loyalists: I got a lot more in the war-chest that these fools haven't thought of yet! Just wait and see.. To my killers.. I will make things right.

Chris Corcino, John Marques- Hybrid tech LLc (the only Hybrid), Contract Killer clothing Co.(The Last of Our Kind)"

21. Januar 2008 World Cup 06/07 DVD: new movie – cutted scene

Filed under: Allgemein — Florian @ 17:36

Dear Member,

Our Paintball World Cup 06/07 DVD is on its way and here is a preview for your eyes only. A new movie is now available on : a cutted scene from the best of World Cup 06 movie featuring Las Vegas LTZ VS Chicago Aftershock. You can view it now on or on :


PS : To buy the new Paintball World Cup 06/07 DVD by, connect to the site under the SHOP section – order online.

Balkans Paintball Cup 2008 Auschreibung

Filed under: Allgemein — Florian @ 17:28

Eurofootball Ltd and PaintBall Bulgaria have the greatest pleasure to inform you that the Fourth Annual tournament for the Eurofootball Cup will take place on 31st of May and 1st of June. After the incredible success we achieved
last year bringing together 128 teams, turning it in one of the biggest tournaments ever made in Bulgaria and even on the South-Eastern Europe, we are ready to reach the next level – transforming it from internal competition into
International Paintball Tournament under the name of "Balkans Paintball Cup 2008". There will be two divisions: Div. 1 and Div. 2 and we expect a lot of foreign teams to take part. The combination of perfect playgrounds,
international referees, high quality paintballs under the DraXxus brand provided by ProCaps and a cash prizes of 10 000 EUR, provided by Eurofootball Ltd. is the reason for you to come and be part of this Great Event – "Balkans Paintball Cup 2008"! More information for this tournament is coming soon in the middle of February on


DATE: 31 MAY – 1 JUNE, 2008

DIV.1 – 200 EUR
DIV. 2 – 150 EUR


1ST – 4000 EUR
2ND – 1500 EUR
3RD – 500 EUR

DIV. 2
1ST – 2500 EUR
2ND – 1000 EUR
3RD – 500 EUR




Cell: +359 898 74 74 74
[email protected]

Hosted by

We are PaintBall Bulgaria Ltd. – the first Bulgarian company focused entirely on the paintball sport, manufacturing and import of paintball gear and its single minded promotion and advertising.
Our greatest success so far is the founding of the Bulgarian Paintball Federation in may 2006.
In our portfolio we have 3 national paintball tournaments.
In 2005 with the help of Eurofootball Ltd., PaintBall Bulgaria Ltd. organized the first paintball grand prix with the participation of 32 x 5 men teams.
In 2006 again with the help of Eurofootball Ltd., was held the second, already annual tournament for the Cup of Eurofootball Ltd., this time including 64 teams of 5 players. The event took place at the PaintBall Bulgaria Ltd., field in Mladost IV.
In 2007 the event organized by Eurofootball Ltd. and PaintBall Bulgaria Ltd., attracts even bigger public attention, the presence of a team from Republic of Macedonia makes it already an international event. Each year the Bulgarian bookmaker increases the number of the sponsored teams. This year it reached 128 teams of 5 players or the mind-blowing 640 players, that number turned the annual grand prix for the cup of Eurofootball Ltd. into one of the largest events of its kind on the Balkans and in South-Eastern Europe.

Best regards,
Aleksandar Dimitrovski
Chairman of the Bulgarian Paintball Federation
Leksmag – 2004 Ltd.
PaintBall Bulgaria
mobile: +359 898 74 74 74

16. Januar 2008

BPL Winter 2007-2008 M7 X-Pro: Timesheet

Filed under: Allgemein — Florian @ 16:30

Die BPL hat einen Timesheet für die M7 X-Pro veröffentlicht auf dem alle Details zum ersten Spieltag zusammengefasst sind:

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BPL Winter 2007-2008 M5-Amateur South: Ergebnisse 2. Spieltag

Filed under: Allgemein — Florian @ 16:23

Die Ergebnisse vom zweiten Spieltag der BPL M5 Amateur South sowie das aktuelle Overall Ranking ist online:

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BPL Winter 2007-2008 M3-Amateur: Ergebnisse 2. Spieltag

Filed under: Allgemein — Florian @ 16:19

Die Ergebnisse vom zweiten Spieltag der BPL M3 Amateur sowie das aktuelle Overall Ranking ist online:

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