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28. Januar 2003

JT – Axiom FX-10 290° GoggleSystem

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JT USA bringen dieses Jahr noch eine neue High-End Paintballmaske auf den Markt, es handelt sich dabei um die JT Axiom FX-10 290°.[img]../newsimages/produktnews2003/2003-08-06-2003-01-28-jt-axiomfx10-290.jpg[/img]Hier die Produktbeschreibung aus dem neuen 2003er JT USA ( Katalog:————————————————————The 2003 JT Axiom FX-10 290* Goggle System has escaped! Clawing it''s way out of the deepest recesses of our universe, (JT''s R&D facility), this creature is the most advanced goggle system the planet has ever seen. Genetically built for it''s unequaled protection and pure, unadulterated speed, the Axiom lense is like nothing you have ever encountered, it''s been designed to attach directly to the FX-10 uni-body mask without the aid of a goggle frame via the Quick-Lok lens locking system which is incredibly fast and secure! Out Patent Pending system, (pay close attention to that phrase), loads and locks the lens into place with just a turn of the Lens Ejector cams, nothing is faster or more secure than this!… nothing. The Superior Visibility, Excellent Fog Resistance and Optical Clarity of the Axiom lens is our main focus but it doesn''t end there…The FX-10 mask is an awesome creation in it''s own right! This dual density, co-molded, biomorphic mask is a true revolutionary piece of protection. The finish on this beast is achieved through the use of Spectra Flare materials that were chosen solely for their specific gravity and molecular weight ratio properties. In other words… it is absolutely the most bitchin'' goggle system in the entire world!.. And it''s waiting here for you!… don''t make it wait… it doesn''t like it when it has to wait.————————————————————

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