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19. Februar 2008

Balkans Cup Registration open

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Beherit von der Balkans Cup Orga hat uns eine kurze Mitteilung zukommen lassen:

Dear Sir/Madam

I kindly inform you that Balkans Paintball Cup 2008 web page ( is open. Also yesterday after TV press conference the registration is officialy open. There is registration form and suggestion for 5 hotels. Also immportant think is that the ramp will be 15 bps like in old Millennium rules. We decide this after consulting with some of teams and their difficulty with managing new 12 pbs rules

Best Regards
Momchil "Beherit" Apostolov
team Rebels

2. Bundesliga Team DVD – Saison 2007

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Wir sind nun endlich in der Lage euch die Bilder der kompletten 2. Bundesliga Saison 2007 anzubieten.

Nach einigen technischen Problemen, die mit einem Umzug einhergegangen sind, können nun alle Interessenten eine Team-DVD mit sämtlichen Bildern erwerben die ich das Jahr über in Solms gemacht habe. Im Regelfall sind das Move-Sequenzen oder Porträt-Shots der Spieler und in Summe sind es:

Allstars: 944 Bilder
Cologne Predators: 1146 Bilder
Consilium Die 2:1010 Bilder
Düsseldorf Resistance: 1546 Bilder
Fightclub 2: 1171 Bilder
Frontline: 955 Bilder
OWL Sharks: 1445 Bilder
Rebirth: 918 Bilder
Templer: 699 Bilder
Xtreme: 1382 Bilder

Bei Interesse oder weiteren Fragen zu den Lizenzbestimmungen wendet euch bitte an [email protected]

Russian Legion Special Edition Marq

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17. Februar 2008

BPL Winter 2007-2008 M7 X-PRO – Fieldlayout Tag 2

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Das Fieldlayout zum zweiten Spieltag der BPL M7 X-PRO ist veröffentlich worden:

BPL Winter 2007-2008 M5-Amateur South: Ergebnisse 3. Spieltag

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Die Ergebnisse vom 3. Spieltag der BPL Winter 2007-2008 – M5-Amateur South sind verfügbar:

13. Februar 2008

DerDer War of Attrition

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There are ten professional Paintball events each year in the U.S. With over 20 teams competing, the best of the best constantly train and practice to keep their edge. Their dedication and stamina are tested as the year grows to an exhausting level. The playing field becomes a battlefield testing their ability to rise above the elements.

The team with less drive and talent will fail. Only those with the resources and determination to succeed are able to win this
War of Attrition. Controversy, frustration and triumph.
Xball and 7 man.

We followed some of the top teams for the entire season to assemble a brutally honest visualization of tournament paintball.

– Oliver Lang, Nicky Cuba and a newly assembled L.A. Ironmen step up to the challenge to form a vicious new force that is rarely matched on the Xball field.
– Chris Lasoya, Tyler Humphrey and the rest of the Trauma crew battle tirelessly to maintain their spot on the NXL circuit.
– Rusty Glaze, Glenn Takemoto and team Infamous move up the rankings in both leagues.
– Ryan Greenspan, Davey Williamson along with their consistently succeeding team Dynasty remain the team to beat in the NPPL 7 man series.



Included with all preorders – A 44 page color booklet of photographs of the year in pictures, a free GG Barrel band, free sticker sheet and free Derder sandana. A $65 value all for $35.



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