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26. April 2006

Millennium Series Iberian Cup Registration

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Ab sofort könnt ihr euch auf der Millennium Series Homepage für den Iberian Cup registrieren. Dazu könnt ihr ein Online Formular nutzen oder das Formular ausdrucken und via Post oder als Fax an die Millennium series schicken: Registration Form[img]../newsimages/sonstiges2003/2006-04-26-madridreg.jpg[/img]

25. April 2006 Millennium 2006 Bitburg – step 1

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Die französischen Paintballfilmer von haben ein erstes Video zu den Maxs Masters online:Millennium 2006 – Bitburg – step 1Dear Member,Bitburg 2006 Tournament – MillenniumOur event coverage is kind of special this year, with a first movieavailable under the VIDEO section. special thing is that ONE4ONE.TV is not in Bitburg, as planned, mainlybecause of lack of financial questions, and lack of support.We have been working very hard since 1 year now, to bring you live andfree footage from each Millennium event, and we may stop our live eventcoverage if we cannot find the support we need to continue, from theindustry and from the tournament series.Most of the movies we produced during this year, you know it, were free ofcharge, for the public interest, and for paintball development, in orderto get a great visibility.If we cannot find the support we are looking for, ONE4ONE.TV may stopsoon, but it can also depends on you guys :Support us by filling a short form, to show to the paintball world thatyou support our ideas and our work, and that you would like ONE4ONE.TV tocontinue to broadcast lots of free movies.Link to the form (no e-mail address required) : action will take you 1 minute of your time and may help us a lot.We support teams, players, tournament series and Paintball in generalsince 1 year, and now its your turn to support us.Thank you.ONE4ONE.TV crewLink to post your support : to view the supports : the server is slow, that is because a lot of people use it, in thatcase please come back later to support us. Thanks

PbStar Videos: PSP 2006 Las Vegas Open – 2/2

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Der Paintballstar legt zwei weitere Videos nach und erhöht damit auf nun fünf Videos von den Las Vegas Open 2006:PSP Vegas '06 – Russian Legion v. Ironmen Finals + Hybrid InterviewDescription: Featured interview with Hybrid's Little John, followed by the Russian Legion v. Ironmen finals. PSP Vegas '06 – Ironmen v. Legacy & Cowboy Roy's GearbagDescription: Interview with Cowboy Roy Richard, where he shows off what's in his gear bag, plus the Ironmen v. Legacy game.

Shocktech Ion Body

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Shocktech hat sich der Ion angenommen und ein sehr sehenswertes Bodykit geschaffen:[img]../newsimages/produktnews2003/2006-04-25-06-PSP-Las-Vegas-IMG_3721.jpg[/img]

Planet Eclipse Ego Sonderfarben

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Planet Eclipse hat seiner Ego´06 eine Serie mit Sonderfarben spendiert die vieleicht auch in Serie gehen könnten:[img]../newsimages/produktnews2003/2006-04-25-Ego6GlosPurp.jpg[/img][img]../newsimages/produktnews2003/2006-04-25-Ego6MatPurp.jpg[/img][img]../newsimages/produktnews2003/2006-04-25-Ego6PolishedBlue.jpg[/img][img]../newsimages/produktnews2003/2006-04-25-Ego6PolishedGold.jpg[/img][img]../newsimages/produktnews2003/2006-04-25-Ego6PolishedPlatinum.jpg[/img][img]../newsimages/produktnews2003/2006-04-25-Ego6PolishedRed.jpg[/img]

24. April 2006

PbStar Videos: PSP 2006 Las Vegas Open – 1/2

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Der Paintballstar hat neben seiner Bildergalerie auch drei Videos vom Las Vegas Event online:PSP Texas '06 – Dynasty v. TraumaDescription: Dynasty's beatdown of Trauma. PSP Vegas '06 – XSV v. LegacyDescription: Legacy battles hard against XSV PSP Texas Vegas '06 – Russian Legion v. BushwackersDescription: Russian Legions' D1 team takes on the Bushwackers

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