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25. Januar 2006


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Die Millenium Series hat in einer weiteren Pressemeldung das Spielsystem der neuen M7 Championsleague erklärt:GROUP STAGE: Friday and Saturday (we will try to start firday afternoon)- 4 groups of 4 teams- Each team play one game against each other team in its group.- 1 points for a win, 0 for a defeat- if tie at the end of regulation time, sudden death point (overtime of 5 minutes)- If tie at the end of sudden death point, the tie shall be broken by the seeding the team had entering the tournament.- if 2 teams or more teams are equal on points on completion of the group matches, the following criteria are applied to determine the ranking.a.)Higher number of points obtained in the group match playedamong the teams in questionsb.)Superior points difference from the group matches playedamong the teams in questionsc.)Superior points difference from all group matches playedd.)Higher number of points scorede.)Seeding that the team had entering the tournament- The 4 group winners and 4 runners-up of the group stage qualify for the quarter final knock out round.[img]../newsimages/pressemitteilungen/2006-01-25-bild1.gif[/img]Teams will be seeded from 1st to 16th.For the first tournament of the seasons teams will seeded in accordance with ranking points earned during the previous season.QUARTER FINALS- Sunday Morningthe quarter final are played under the knock out system.[img]../newsimages/pressemitteilungen/2006-01-25-bild2.gif[/img]- if tie at the end of regulation time, sudden death point (overtime of 5 minutes) the first team to succesfully hang the flag will be declared the winner of the game.- If tie at the end of sudden death point, the tie shall be the next previous round scores the team with the greatest score in such next previous round advancingSEMI FINALS- Sunday Morningthe semi finals are played under the knock out system.[img]../newsimages/pressemitteilungen/2006-01-25-bild3.gif[/img]- if tie at the end of regulation time, sudden death point (overtime of 5 minutes) the first team to succesfully hang the flag will be declared the winner of the game.- If tie at the end of sudden death point, the tie shall be the next previous round scores the team with the greatest score in such next previous round advancing-FINALS-Sunday Afternoonthe finals are played under the knock out system.[img]../newsimages/pressemitteilungen/2006-01-25-bild4.gif[/img]- if tie at the end of regulation time, sudden death point (no overtime limit)

Millenium Series M7 Champions League format

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In einer weiteren Pressemitteilung gibt die Millenium weitere Details zum M7 Format bekannt. Es wird ausführlich auf die Regeln und Ziele die mit M7 verfolgt werden eingegangen:M7 Champions League formatThis format comes from the Xball lite format. It has been developed to reduce the amount of paint for teams and increase the number of teams that can play per day per field.Scoring and times can be adjusted to each level of play or budget. This format can be played with stop-watches (1 for main time, 1 for time out) and does not require expensive scoreboard.- Coin toss to determine sides- One period- 15 minutes- Stop time- 3 minutes of time break between points for 2006 ( 2 minutes for 2007)- Race for Points- First team to score 5 points wins- Change sides after every 3 points- If tied at the end of regulation time, sudden death point. (overtime of 5 minutes). (If still tied cf rules).- teams will receive 1 point for the following reasons:- A valid buzzer ring- The coach throws in the towel- The opposing team is assessed a penalty in the final 90 seconds of the game.- One time out per team per game- One minute- Must be called with 10 seconds or more on time out clock- Maximum 7 players per game.- Maximum 9 players on the roaster.- 1 Coach allowed in the player area.- Maximum 10 people on the player area.- Season Roaster to be set later during the year.- No armbands- No flag (Buzzer instead)- Penalties: Millennium paintball penalties are used. ( one-for-ones, two-for-ones-threefor- ones). If there are not enough players on the field, team plays short for next points.Coach: – Coaching (communicating to the players on the field during game play) is allowed from the pit crew area. Furthermore coaching from the spectators side line is also allowed as long coaches are not using any megaphone, sounds speaker, or any device that can generate sound (including but not limited to whistles and amplifying megaphones). Non-amplified megaphones must be used in the assigned seating area (eg. Bleachers) A 5 meters distance will separate netting from the spectators side line.- All other rules of Millennium apply M7 Timing:- Maximum game time : 15 minutes + (3 minutes X 9 points) + (2 x 1 minute time-outs) = 44 minutes- Schedule games every 45 minutes- Play games in sequence as time permits- Can finish early, cannot finish late- Estimated average score: 6 points.- Estimated average time: 15 minutes + (3 minutes x 6 points ) + (2 x 1 minute time-outs) = 35 minutes- Attendance: Teams agree to attend all 5 CPL events in the 2006 calendar. In the case a team is not coming to an event (with the exception of special circumstances), the team will loose their spot.- Registration: Teams need to be registered under a company name or association. Dead line 1st july- Votes: Decisions are made by votes. Majority by 2/3. Default board decision- Spot Selling: No spot can be sold to another team based on 2005 qualification. If a team does not want to take up its qualification option, it will be offered to the next qualified team at no charge by The Millennium. At the end of the 2006 season the Millennium will allow teams to “sell” their spot if they desire. However in order to protect the quality and integrity of the league, the Millennium will charge a flat fee. The amount will be decided next meeting.- Team Names: Teams must add a city name to their name( country name are not allowed). However they may not change their name from the 2005 qualification except in special circumstances like adding a sponsor. In any case this must be approved by The Millennium Board- Relegation: At the end of the 2006 season the bottom two teams will be relegated to Division 1. The two top placed Division 1 teams will then be promoted to the CPL.- Field size: 46m x 38m ( same as an Xball field)- Field design committee: 5 personsSam from ShockwaveChristian from MenaceSteeve from JT All starsLaurent From Millennium.Simon from MillenniumField design committee must design and submit layout 1 month before each event. It has been agreed that after the first event, the CPL’s teams will met the committee to discuss the future designs in order to improve it.- Intercontinental CupThe best 4 ranked teams at the end of the season will be qualified to play the Intercontinental Cup in Orlando, USA, against the best 4 NXL teams.The event will takes place before the NXL play-off during 2 days.Then, the CPL Teams will be able to play either on D1, D2 or D3 at their convenience. Entree fee will be covered.However we need a confirmation from the PSP regarding several details before making any official announcement.

Pgi #203 The $100 Haircut Issue

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Die neuste Ausgabe der Pgi ist erschienen. #203 trägt den Titel „The $100 Haircut Issue“ und beinhaltet folgende Haupthemen:[img]../newsimages/produktnews2003/2006-01-25-76698267.jpeg[/img]Why tha $100 haircut issue? Why indeed…in the spirit of fair play and open-ness, I've decided not to share that particular pearl of wisdom with you, so you'll have to buy it to find out. What I will tell you is that this issue contains lots of words – some of them quite long – and many pictures.Still not sold?OK, then how's about the following…Breaking up is hard to do: The inside story of the Strange implosion courtesy of Daniel 'We're all going on a Summer' HollidayKing of the 50: Micah McCockMyGlockAndBlazeTillEveryMuthaDropsLin on how to go gat crazy at the 50″We don't hate XSV…no, really we don't“: We talk to everyone's favourite bad boys, Miami Rage, about how they're just misunderstoodIs Sergey wrong? Problems in Mother Russia? Robbo poses the questions only he would dare askSliders: Rocky Knuth breaks down the Tripod Knee Slide, the Superman, the Baseball and all the other slides you can think of. Yes, even the waterslide…On Test: Proto Matrix 6, Gameface Recon, JT Tac-5 & Palmer's Houndstooth – plus all the latest goggles reviewed and ratedDirty Boy: An insiders guide to the latest cheats doing the rounds at the Pro levelPlus Cal Jam, why bonus ballers must die, first pics of the Dark Ego, LB Fow on why Infamous have hooked up with Oakland, and PGi's guide to getting started for Newbies.PGi: Better than a bowl of M&Ms with all the brown ones taken out…

BILD Bericht über ICP

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Die ICP Halle in Iserlohn hat es mit einem sehr schönen Artikel in die BILD geschafft:[img]../newsimages/medienberichte/2006-01-25-Bild-25-01-06.jpg[/img]

24. Januar 2006

DAL 2005/2006 Ergebnisse 2. Spieltag

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Der zweite Spieltag der DAL Indoor Saison ging mit folgenden Ergebnissen zu Ende:Süd1. Fireballs Red2. Falcons3. East Side Boys4. OHIO Fun5. Fireballs Black6. Blood´n Bones7. Harlekins8. Woodhome Wankers9. Cowboys10. Munich Contact (no show)Ost1. Kingsize Youngbloodz2. Team Fabrik3. Ad REM Berlin4. Kingsize New Blood5. Oculus Ex.6. Oculus Ex. Neo7. Paintkiller Deluxe8. In MotionNord1. Danish Dynamite2. Chainsaw3. Templer Nord14. RunningMen5. Battlefreakz red6. Battelfreakz black7. Templer Nord 28. Nordic Excess9. TBAWest1. Preds2. Templer13. Elysium14. Elysium25. 6. 7. Fortune8. 9. Fast and Deadly10. Templer211. Cologne Badboyz12. Alternative

derder „I Kill for Derder“ Hoodie

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derder hat einen „neuen“ Kaputzenpulli im Programm. Der bekannte „I Kill for Derder“ Hoodie wurde mit einem „derder-Nation“ Ärmeldruck verfeinert und ist nun für rund $45 zu haben:[img]../newsimages/produktnews2003/2006-01-24-hood_kill.gif[/img][img]../newsimages/produktnews2003/2006-01-24-kill_large.gif[/img]

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