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22. November 2005

Hybrid Vertical Asa 15°

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Hybrid verkauft den von der Traitor Shocker bekannten 15° Air Source Adapter nun auch einzeln:[img]../newsimages/produktnews2003/2005-11-22-hybridasashocker.jpg[/img]

21. November 2005 Sick 06 Ion Body

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Der fleissige Bill Mills von hat sich den Sick 06 Ion Body genauer angesehen. Dazu hat er eine komplett bebilderte Montageanleitung verfasst: Obscure Influence – DVD Review

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Bill Mills von Warpig hat eine nettes Review über die neuste Derder DVD „Obscure Influence“ verfasst:Since their entrance into paintball, Derder Paintball Productions has been turning heads with their DVDs. Their latest release, issued during World Cup 2005 is Obscure Influence.Like most Derder DVDs Obscure Influence consists largely of fast action shots, cut at a rapid pace to fresh indie music, rather than a game by game format. The result is non-stop action through the entire DVD. At 105 minutes total length Obscure Influence is also almost twice as long as the typical one hour paintball DVD, so non-stop applies in more than one way.The DVD does not cover a single tournament, but rather follows both the NPPL and PSP tournament series, with some of the best action captured by Derder’s cameras at each tournament.The disk begins with previews from two upcoming DVDs – Running Riot, coverage of the 2005 XPSL season and Insult to Injury with the 2005 CFOA season.From the main menu, playing the full DVD is just a click away, and this begins with an artistic black and white music video melding images of an urban chess game and a tournament paintball game in the style of an old European art film. The introduction sets the tone for the disk with excellent camera work and lighting as well as editing.For each tournament represented on the DVD a short comical scene about the area, or a prank pulled at the event, or voiced over poetic introductions by Matty Marshall set the tone for the event. Then highlight clips come at a staccato pace to the driving music, with each tournament getting several minutes of screen time.In addition to San Diego, Las Vegas, Orlando, Huntington Beach, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Amsterdam, Team Interviews and Bloopers add to the disk. The Blooper’s section is edited in the same Derder music video style, but instead of great bunkerings, it consists of the worst, and most comical moves – from trips and collisions to lost hoppers, spilled paint and shooting without a barrel.The team interviews of Avalanche, Infamous, XSV and Dynasty all begin with very short clips of the players talking to the camera, followed by a music video highlighting that team’s progression through the season. Another themed segment captured just some of the moments of anger, frustration, aggression and strong emotion that can be found in an intense tournament environment. Music featured on Obscure Influence is performed by End 7, ASG, Dirt, The S**t Sister, Strike Anywhere, Another Damn Dissapointment, Victory Mansion, Uptown Creepers, The Waking, Mnemonic, The Empire State, Belles in Monica, Soap Box Revolt, And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead and Goldrush. Extra bonus sections at the end include footage from Nemacolin, Bunkerfest, a profile of the New York Raiders, and The Short Bus, some entertianing game commentary by Kevin „Catfish“ Arcilla and Nicky Cuba.Obscure influence is literally packed with nearly two hours of paintball action and music, and wraps a season of top US tournaments and then some into a single DVD. Note: Obscure Influence contains strong language, and the brief appearance of a referee’s butt.

A+ Ego Bolt

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Auch A+ P8ntball hat eine neuen Bolt für die Ego parat. Wie üblich wird duch eine Reduzierung des Gewichts versucht weniger Kick und höhere Geschwindikeit zuerreichen. Durch verbesserte Gasführung verspricht man sich eine erhöhte Effizienz des Markierers. Der zusätzlich mit O-Ringen ausgestattete Delrin Bolt von a+ sieht dann wie folgt aus:

New Designz Ego Bolt

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Unter dem Namen EGO „Equalizer“ Pro Delrin Bolt hat New Designz sein erstes Tuningteil für die Ego im Programm. Es wird in kürze eine Adjustable Ram Cap für die Ego folgen. Die Features des Bolt werden mit verbessertem Gasfluss und einem um 10 Gramm gesenktes Gewicht angegeben.[img]../newsimages/produktnews2003/2005-11-21-newdesignboltego.jpg[/img]

18. November 2005

TJ Lambinis Rumor Mill 18. November 2005

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Es ist Freitag und wieder ein mal Zeit für TJ Lambini's Rumor Mill. Im aktuellen Artikel schreibt er über London Nexus, Shockwave UK, XSV, Russian Legion und vielen weiteren Topteams.

I don't know about you, but I'm getting pretty bummed out by these reunification talks . Why? Cos no-ones making any moves until they know which league(s) and which format(s) they will be playing – partly cos some sponsors ain't committing budgets until they know too. It's enough to drive an off-season gossip columnist to drink.

Fortunately, my crack habit stops all cravings for liquor, but I digress…

So what is going on? Well, London Nexus has followed by its pick-up of Tony Perez with a swoop for Chris Schooling from Shockwave UK . Word is Robo may be homing in on another target on two, but whether they are Euro or US-based is unclear. The on-off-on-off-on-off XSV to Dye rumor is currently off, but that could all change in tha next 5 minutes. Still no official word on whether Russian Legion and Avalanche will be shooting Egos next season; if you've got some loose change then bet it on Avalanche. I think the Russkies will be shooting something else entirely…

Talking of shooting something else, expect to see the Alien Interceptor doing some damage in the upper reaches of whatever Pro league we end up with next season. Also expect to see Daryl Trent coaching Miami Effect – but strike the rumors about Dynasty players on the squad.

What is happening with those naughty little tinkers HK ? Lil Kenny is back from Legacy , Jules Foote is in Norway (or else tha meta-Foote is – it's all getting a bit Brett Easton Ellis in here today) – and all of them are in trouble with the moral majority. look for HK to clean up their act in 06.

Strange really deserve their own rumor mill, but here's the edited highlights:

A – Strange to merge with Doc's Raiders
B – Strange to merge with Miami Effect
C – Half the team to stay, half the team to quit
D – Dirty to go to Trauma, Holiday to join the Russkies
E – Strange to pick up two guys from Avalanche
F – Dick Clarke to remake Little House on the Prairie with the Strange squad playing all the roles

You choose.

Doc is obviously a busy man, cos in addition to merging with Strange he's also merging with the NE Hurricanes – no, really. Maybe. And is New York Xtreme dead in the water? Word is a lot of players want to follow Mr U to Aftershock .

The mooted mass exodus from Philly seems to have gone quiet too. Who'd leave Philly?

So, let's get back to where we came in – reunification. It's all gone ominously quiet and time is marching on. If no resolution comes -and I'm betting it won't – how will the industry jump with reagrds to supporting the leagues? And what about team budgets? Some tough decisions are gonna be taken pretty soon, so if your resume is looking a little dusty I suggest you start sprucing it up right about now…

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