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28. Mai 2004

Marcus Nielsen suspendiert

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Marcus "The Carcass" Nielsen ist beim Team Arsenal suspendiert, allerdingswurde er nicht aus dem Team entlassen. Er hat sich am Finaltag bei der NPPL Super7 zuviele Drinks in der VIP Area gegönnt. Nielsen versprach gegenüber JC Whittington(Arsenal's Teamcaptain) keinen Alkohol mehr zu trinken.

WDP – Gated Feed Patentiert

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WDP haben ihr "Gated Feed" nach U.S. Patentrechten am 25. Mai 2004 schützen lassen. Das Patent # 6,739,322 zeigt eindeutig die verwendete Membrane, welche die Paintballs abhält im Feedneck nach oben zu steigen und wie sie in das 2-piece Feedneck eingesetzt wird.

Das Gated Feed Neck wurde zum ersten Mal in den USA bei den Mardi Gras Open 2002 vorgestellt. Dort war es eines der neuen Features der Angel iR3. Das System fand ebenfalls Verwendung bei den 2003'er Angel LCDs. Es wurde weiterentwickelt, um ein Locking Feed zu integrieren wie es bei der Angel Speed und Angel 4 verwendet wird, allerdings findet es bei der Angel 4 Fly keine Verwendung. Gated Feed's können über die Website von WDP bezogen werden.

TonTons – HB 2004 Viertelfinal Videos

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Seit gestern gibt es zwei neue Videos im Archiv der TonTons. Beide Videos zeigen Spiele aus dem Viertelfinale in Huntington Beach 2004. In der ersten Begegnung spielen die TonTons auf dem NPPL Feld gegen die Brass Eagle AllStars, das zweite Spiel ist auf dem System X Feld gegen das WDP Team Arsenal.

NPPL Super 7 – Ranking nach Tampa

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Das neue Ranking der NPPL Super 7 Series ist online. Es umfasst die beiden NPPL Events in Huntington Beach und Tampa und das Millennium Series Event in Bitburg(Maxs Masters).

NPPL Ranking

27. Mai 2004

Smart Parts – Miami Effect Franchise

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Am 23. Mai gab es seitens der NXL eine Pressemitteilung betreffend der Miami Effect Franchise. Heute Nacht wurde dann auch noch eine Pressemitteilung vonSmart Parts, oder besser William Gardner veröffentlicht.

Die Originalpressemitteilung:

Mr. Italia has made it clear from the beginning that the team has always been for sale. During the formation of the League, Richmond assumed ownership of Miami Effect to expedite the start of league play. (Owning a
team as well as owning the League is a conflict under NXL rules.) The other teamowners relaxed this rule to eliminate any delays in launching the league. Nowthat the NXL is poised to appear ontelevision, Richmond thought it wise to resolvethe conflict with his ownership of the League.

Mr. Gardner becomes the new owner of the Miami Effect franchise, having sold his interest in the Philadelphia Americans to his brother, Adam Gardner. Bill added, „I am very pleased with success of the NXL both as apremier paintball league as well as a valuable Hollywood property. Getting the opportunity to invest in my own team was an easy decision.“

Leading the franchise into it's future is newly appointed Head Coach, and former professional paintball player, Rowdy Macdonald. In light of the current players choosing to leave the league in order to pursue other professional tournament opportunities, Mr. Macdonald will be responsible for rebuilding the team. Rowdy added, „I am looking forward to the PSP Chicago series of games and continuing the success the team has achieved to this point in the season.

P8NT Magazin Issue 22: The Style Guide

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Das P8NT Magazin ist jetzt in der 22. Ausgabe erhältlich. Dazu die Original Ankündigung:


_2004 STYLE GUIDE ::
The most comprehensive look at paintball style ever. From the big names to the little guys you've never heard of, we've gathered together everything from causal wear to playing gear all in one place.

_2004 Mardi Gras Open ::
The 2004 season gets off to a slow start with mud, rain and canceled games. But this is New Orleans at Mardi Gras, and what happens on the field is only half the story . . .

_NPPL Year One ::
With the NPPL and Pure Promotions set to begin its second season, we look back at the first, from the unprecedented opener in Huntington Beach to the disappointment in New Jersey and full coverage of the final event in Miami. This is the story of the most ambitious project ever undertaken by a promoter and the league that most everyone predicted would fail . . .

_2003 Year in Review ::
The best there was: Player of the Year, Team of the Year, Event of the Year, Game of the Year and more.

_Goggle Round-Up ::
The goggle market has exploded over the past year, with three completely new models released in just the past few months. We gather them all together for the most in-depth P8NT Magazine review ever.

_Industry ::
Do It Yourself. Quit your day job. Build an empire. We look at some of the little guys living the dream: Planet Eclipse, Abstrakt Clothing and Sire Paintball.

All this and more . . .

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