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Manchester Method

Author: , 9. Mrz 2010

Manchester Method wird heuer die SPL bestreiten 

Manchester Method is proud to announce that they will be playing the SPL Division throughout the 2010 season. In this highly intensive cauldron of competitive paintball, Method have brought together some of the brightest talent in the UK. With the addition of Bobby Aviles, whose tactical and leadership abilities will be added to the line up, Method are training hard for the new season. Wearing the full Laysick and Sheath range from Kartel Prime, Method is keen to bring the new ground breaking designs by Sam Smith, to the tournament scene. Outside of the playing gear, Method will also be wearing the new casual line, offering the player a stylish and sharp look. Every team also needs the support of a leading marker. Method are excited and honoured to be in the Planet Eclipse Stable and shooting the new Laysick Ego for 2010. Reliability, performance and not least the fantastic support and backup makes this a winning combination.

Come and support the best looking paintballers in the UK at our Manchester Method Facebook page, where you even get a free sticker! Even better, come and join the Laysick family at the Millennium booth, where the cool kids are at!!

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