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Virtue NT Tuning Board

Author: , 16. Nov 2009

VIRTUE Redefined® NT Board

* Advanced Redefined® software with adjustable trigger programming.
* Featherlight Microswitch
* 9volt Batery Clips
* 10 Modes of fire – Semi Auto, PSP Mode, NXL Mode, Millennium Mode, Auto Response, Full Auto, Breakout Mode, Ramp Mode, and Select-A-Mode™ and Training Mode.
* Player Profiles™ – Create and store two customizable player profiles
* Adjustable Debounce, Dwell, Anti-Mechanical Bounce, Eye Delay, Ramp Activation Speed, Ramp Percentage, Ramp Initiation, Anti-Bolt Stick, Max Rate of Fire, 10th BPS MROF
* Dual Ultra Bright LED status and programming indicators
* Increased Power Efficient Software
* Lifetime waranty + software uggrades

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