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29. April 2004

Nexpro – Intersept Akwapac

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Mit dem Intersept Akwapac bieten Nexpro ein Pack an, mit dem sich gleichzeitig Getränke und Paintball Gear transportieren lassen. Der Paintballstar hat dazu einen ausführlichen Artikel:

Nexpro announced availability of the Intersept Akwapac today. The Intersept Akwapac is the industry-first integrated paintball harness and hydration system that efficiently carries cold liquids and paintball gear. This looks like an interesting system that scenario players or players in hot climates shouldtake note of.

“Staying hydrated is extremely important for paintball players”, said Rich Telford, captain of professional paintball team XSV (Excessive). You lose a lot of water from your body. That can have a real effect on your game. The Intersept Akwapac is a really smart product that will enhance a players’ physical performance, especially in hot climates.”

The Akwapac is geared towards meeting the hydration needs of the extreme sports industry and it provides paintball players a safe alternative to water bottles to stay hydrated during prolonged periods on the field. Intersept is a new brand of products geared towards the avid recreational paintball player, scenario game players and weekend warriors. The product was pre-launched at the 2003 Commander’s Cup in Miami and recently at the 2004 NPPL Super 7 event at Huntington Beach.

The Akwapac is made of several modular components. The belt system is made of 1200 Dernier Nylon and wraps around the waist with expanding stretch straps. A carrier pack attaches to the belt system with dual zippers. Two Paintball pod pouches can be easily added or detached from the belt by sliding the loops through the belt, which is secured with a firm support frame. The pod pouches carries a total of six 140 round pods. A lightweight hydration reservoir is secured in the carrier and supports up to 2 liters of liquids. The Akwapac uses a larger reservoir opening for easy pouring and cleaning. Large diameter tubing and a unique patented “Push-Pull” drink valve facilitate a steady flow of fluid. The reservoir is included and can be also purchased separately. Anatomically correct shoulder straps with belt system attachments and comfortable sternum and waist straps keep the paintball harness securely fastened, reducing the potential of irritating bounce. The large pocket can also accommodate other essentials such as field tools and energy bars. Also available on the Akwapac is a communication pouch for radio, cell-phones,or communication devices that attaches on the shoulder straps.

The Intersept Akwapac provides the ability for proper hydration specifically for the sport of paintball. However, the modularity of the system allows the Akwapac to be used for other outdoor sports. The combination of detail and construction not only makes paintballs easy to carry and use, but provides ample support for carrying cool liquids important for proper hydration.

One important way to increase performance during paintball activities is ample water and hydration. Water is the second most important element to life next to oxygen. The body can survive for weeks without food, but humans can only survive days without water in warm temperatures and high altitudes. This is because the body and all its organs are comprised mainly of water making theaverage person composed of about 60 to 75% water.

The main function of water is its role in body temperature regulation. Humans generate heat when playing paintball and there are numerous mechanisms, which the body calls upon to lose heat. A significant method of cooling is sweating: The evaporation of fluid from the skin. During prolonged play, it is possible to lose as much as two liters of sweat per hour. Losses of fluid corresponding to as little as 2% of body weight can seriously impair the capacity to perform muscular work. In temperate climates, most athletes lose 1-5% of body weight in prolonged exercise, even when taking regular fluid throughout. In extreme conditions, losses, severe dehydration and electrolyte loss of 8-10% causes a reduction in blood plasma volume, which could result in circulatory failure.

The Intersept Akwapac is available in 2 colors: Shadow black and limited edition CAMO. Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price is $89.95. More product information can be found at website

About Nexpro
Nexpro Incorporated is an industry-leading provider of active sports products specializing in the conception, development and manufacturing of high-quality sports gear, apparel and accessories. Founded in 1994, Nexpro has excelled in providing international distribution and manufacturing of products for branded companies and franchises such as the National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Baseball (MLB), Caterpillar (CAT®) and Land Rover®.

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