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28. Mai 2004

Barrel Blocking Devices patentiert

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Larry Cossio (Besitzer von WSG) erhält ein Patent für Barrel Blocking Devices.Der Text im Original:

United States Patent 6,722,073
Cossio Issued April 20, 2004
Barrel blocking device

A blocking device is provided for a firearm barrel. The blocking device has acover member, which may be substantially moisture-proof and may be embroidered,embossed, or silk-screened. The cover member has a closed end and an open end,the open end receiving an end of the barrel. A retaining device is affixed tothe cover member and releasably holds the end of the barrel in the closed endof the cover member.

That which is claimed is:

1. A safety cover for preventing the unintentional discharge of paintballs fromthe muzzle of a paintball gun, comprising:

(A) a muzzle cover, wherein said muzzle cover:

(i) is formed of a material so as to be impenetrable by paintballs from the paintballgun;

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